When we think of health and wellness, we often think of athletes or health supplements. However, have you heard of the term body confidence? Melissa Fann, founder of The Wellness Insider, will soon let you know just what it is about – feeling confident about your body image, no matter what size you are.

She definitely is a proponent in encouraging oneself to be positive about one’s size but yet be smart enough to understand that health matters and that you should eat properly and exercise.

We caught up with the busy entrepreneur to find out more about what The Wellness Insider is about, and why Melissa does what she is doing.

Q: Can you share with us the background story for your business?

The Wellness Insider came about a few years back when I suddenly put on a lot of weight and there were a lot of rude comments said behind my back, by people who didn’t realise it was due to a medical condition.

During my research on health and wellness, I realised that a lot of mainstream media were promoting a certain look of fitness, and a lot of articles were either written due to food fads/trend of the time or too medical and had too many jargons for normal people to understand.

While I was actively getting fitter through yoga, I also met a lot of instructors who did not fit into your conventional ‘fit’ body image, but they were stronger, more flexible and fit than a lot of us.

This idea that what you see may not necessarily equal to one’s confidence and fitness level was solidified further when during several yoga sessions, I saw how myself and others were able to do poses that some traditionally fit-looking people (one was even wearing a cross-fit singlet) could not do.

This really helped me build confidence in my body image and I wanted to help others to achieve the same level of positivity.

Q: Why did you decide to start-up?

I’ve always wanted to be my own boss and the opportunity came when I organised a yoga event named “WellnessYogi Reset” with my friend last year, which helped me to know a lot of people in the wellness industry in Singapore. Through that, I learnt more about what practitioners and/or instructors needed while also understanding what consumers wanted.

That is why The Wellness Insider is built as a platform to help showcase these experts while also educating readers at the same time. Naturally, we still curate all these opinions and experts first.


Q: Explain to us a little bit more about body confidence.

Essentially, it is about feeling confident and accepting yourself – regardless of whatever size you are. Even if you’re thin or fat, just accept it and then learn ways on how to be healthier. Body confidence (also known as body positivity) is not about saying “fat/skinny is beautiful” and then not doing anything to improve one’s health.

Rather, it is about not shaming the person and be more encouraging because there is always an underlying reason why a person is not at their ideal weight and it is not up to us to judge each other.

Q: What does your business have to offer?

We have a series of videos called “Expert Views”, where we interview someone from the medical or fitness industry to talk about health issues (usually the joints) that we adults tend to forget, or are seldom covered by mainstream media. For example, in our first episode, the topic was on “3 Things Your Fitness Trainer Did NOT Tell you” while the second was about “The Truth Behind Feet”.

On the B2B side, I help brands and wellness professionals to get their voices heard. I also help plan and manage events for them so that they can concentrate on doing what they’re good at, which is practicing their craft.

Essentially, we are creating conversations between professionals and people like you and I, so that everyone can make more informed decisions as well as know when they need to seek professional help.

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