Q: What was the best piece of advice that you have received that inspires you up to this day?

Think of your haters as ants. They are so little that it is not going to matter when you are up on stage, breathing life into people through your words.

When I first started my journey, I was so afraid of what others thought of me to the point that I ended up not doing anything in the beginning. This is a great reminder whenever I get scared about other people’s opinions.

Q: I’m sure there are many aspiring entrepreneurs out there. Do you have any advice for them?

My advice for entrepreneurs is to be your authentic self. We live in a world of false gurus that it feels like we cannot be our authentic self. When you learn to just be YOU, that’s when you will attract the right people and things into your life.

Also to always take MASSIVE ACTION!

Q: Complete this sentence, “A successful entrepreneur is…”

…someone who gets to live life on their terms.

Q: Do you think that innovation is important in order for a business to succeed?

I think learning to work smart is what will make your business to succeed.  A great read is the “4 Hour Work Week”.

Q: What is your favourite country to do business? Why?

Too many to mention.  I think each country can always provide an opportunity to expand your business.

Q: If you could turn back time, what would you do differently?

Stop procrastinating and start taking more action regardless of the outcome.

13055433_10154111009383610_2121112367393359636_nChilling in Maui

Q: Where would you go for relaxation?

Hawaii, I love it there.  The energy and the vibe is totally healing and the beaches are nice as well.

Q: What do you plan next for yourself and for your brand/company?

To create more tools, resources, products and courses to create more confident Asian women so they can live an empowered life.

To find out more about Sheena and her podcast, do visit http://thetaoofselfconfidence.com/

  1. Rozanna Ariff 2 years ago

    So inspiring! Thank you for sharing some great insights

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