As they say, a picture paints a thousand words and your personal image is what tells others about you. Therefore, it is important to project and market yourself through the way you dress and speak. Nevertheless, a lot of people are clueless where to start. Which is why Veronica Yeo, who is a Certified Personal Branding and Image Coach, founded Veronica Yeo Academy.

Through her company, her mission is to help you Look Good and Feel Confident, so that you can open up opportunities that you never thought would be possible. Let us learn more about the former beauty queen and the woman behind the brand as well as her story of how she started on this vision.

Q: Can you share with us the background story for your business?

Veronica Yeo Academy started since 2010 and was previously known as ARoyalty Image. As we celebrate our 6th anniversary this year, we are under going a re-branding process to better position ourselves to serve our clients.

Every successful person has a coach. For example, Donald Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Olympian champions, Tennis champions etc they all have one thing in common – they have one or more personal coaches to push them to their limits in order to excel!

Our mission at Veronica Yeo Academy is to help you Look Good and Feel Confident.

Q: Why did you decide to start up? 

I had been working in the corporate world as an HR Professional for more than twenty five years. Having interviewed thousands of job applicants during my course of work, I noticed that many people typically do not place much emphasis on their personal image at interviews. Many times, one’s personal image and presentation will open or shut doors that were potentially open for them at interviews or networking events within seconds.

As such, I decided to embark on this mission to change one person at a time, to make a difference to the way people market themselves at social events, business environment, job interviews, business presentations, networking events etc, just like any other businesses would invest to market a product, service or company.

Veronica Yeo 1

Q: What does your business have to offer? 

Everything you need to know to Look Good and Feel Confident:

  • Personalised Style Analysis and Consultation
  • Personalised Color Analysis and Consultation
  • Personal Image Analysis and Consultation
  • Personal/Group Hands-on Make Up Classes
  • Personal and Corporate Deportment/Social Eitiquette Classes
  • Personal Shopping and Wardrobe Management
  • Corporate Grooming Workshop
  • Resume Writing and Interview Workshop
  • Catwalk / Pageant Coaching

Other related products include:
Ladies Scarves that I designed myself and will be launched in August, as well as Motives Make Up products from USA endorsed by Hollywood celebrities.

Q: Do you work alone or do you have partners? Care to share a bit about yourself and your team?

I trained in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in personal image as well as branding consulting with very specialised, specific skills and knowledge. I am also the recipient of multiple awards such as:

  • Golden Phoenix Award
  • Lady Of Excellence Award
  • SE Asia Business Excellence Award
  • SE Asia Women Of Excellence Award

Veronica Yeo Academy also provides hands-on Make Up workshops where I work and collaborate with a team of professional and qualified makeup co-trainers who are:

  • Mr. Cedric Ong – Former grooming trainer for over ten years with a major airlines.
  • Ms. May Maya – Professional Bridal makeup artist and trainer for more than 10 years at Flawless Beauty.
  • Ms. Cindy Lin – Professional Bridal makeup artist and trainer for over three years at WArtistry.
  • Mr. Eddie Ang – Local fashion and bridal couture designer and owner of Swagger Couture.

Q: Setting up a business is definitely not easy. Who do you get your inspiration and strength from?

I was very inspired by two particular image consultants’ workshops which I attended many years ago by Ms Teo Ser Lee and Ms Audrey Quek. They triggered the image guru inside me to want to step out and help people to look good and feel confident.

Q: What excites you the most about your industry?

When you look good – I will look good!! My clients’ and students’ success – IS MY SUCCESS!!

Q: What is the best and worst feedback or comment that you have received so far?

It warms my heart whenever my clients and students tell me how I have changed their lives positively after attending my consultation and workshops.

The worst excuses that most people have for not taking care of their image are: no time/no money/too fat/too skinny/too busy/better things to do… to me they are all for not Dressing For Success.



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