We know you need an enjoyable vacation, and we’ve taken a look at some of the best holiday plans for you to choose from. Hold on to your hat and pack your luggage because we’re going for a trip around the world!


Private Safari in Kenya

Explore the beauty of Kenya through a nine-day safari trip to meet the abundant wildlife. Animal lovers will marvel at the sights as you’ll get to see everything from leopards and lions to the elusive white rhino.

Botswana, South Africa and Zambia

Venture into the unspoiled wildlife of the continent, sightseeing from a helicopter, exploring the wilds at night and witness endangered animals up close. That’s not even mentioning the fantastic local cuisine that’ll leave you with a real taste for the continent.


Experience the best of Thailand

Take a ten-day journey across the mythical land of Thailand, choose your accommodations, guide and host, and have the best trip you could ask for. Nothing will calm you down like a boat ride through Bangkok’s river and meeting the famous reclining Buddha.

Relax at the beaches of the Philippines

Historical sites are great, but when looking to spice your life with some modernity, the colourful streets of Manila won’t disappoint. Every inch of them is filled with cultural importance showcasing both the Spanish and Asian roots the Philippines possess (and so is their local cuisine).

Bask in the beautiful scenery of China

A trip to Asia wouldn’t be complete without checking out China. Enjoy a three day stay in Beijing and Shanghai, two nights at Xi’an and three nights aboard the beautiful Yangtze River cruise ship. You’ll venture into the depths of China’s culture, wonder at the mighty Wall of China or the Terracotta Warriors of Xi’an, all while basking in the beauty this old country has to offer.

Discover Japan

Japan is a country with a lot of history behind it, so much so that it’s acted as a massive influence for other Asian countries, and it still acts as one in current times. Travelling around the country, you’ll see natural monuments such as Mt. Fuji, and if you’re a fan of Zen and exploring your spiritual side, then check out the best temples and shrines Japan has to offer.


Ultimate Antartica and Patagonia Voyage

You better put on a jacket because this trip through Antartica is going to get chilly! A little cold is worth it for getting to see through Patagonia and explore the ice ridges of the continent, a place very few people have reached to take pictures of penguins, whales and even polar bears!


Journey through the Quintessential Queensland

Queensland’s best trait has to be its natural beauty, mostly owed to the fact that it gets up to 300 sunny days a year. On a trip to Queensland, you’ll have a chance to experience all of the world heritage sites it hosts, and even cruise through the Great Outer Barrier Reef, where you can visit the islands and reefs that surround it and see sceneries most people only dream of.

North America

Fall under Hawaii’s spell with an enchanting trip to Maui

If you’re in the mood for a family vacation, then Hawaii offers something for everyone. Hawaii offers a unique blend of modernity and nature, meaning you get to both experience great hotels and events while also being able to go out and explore the jungles and roads that surround the island. Every day turns into a unique adventure you won’t regret.

Rock through Montana and Alberta

The Rockies are easily one of the best places you can go if you’re out for adventure in North America. Going there gives you the chance to go through the Continental Divide between the US and Canada, allowing you to get a good look at the glacial cliffs, gleaming lakes and rushing rapids. Plus it’s such a breath of fresh air that you’ll forget about the troubles of daily life in no time.

Central America

Experience the natural wonders of Costa Rica

We jump from North America into the wondrous jungles of Costa Rica. This tropical country has a lot to offer, chief among them a large variety of different species housed in Tortuguero National Park, the geothermal hot springs and the sleeping Arenal Volcano. Do make sure to prepare for the heat though!

South America

Embark on a Voyage through Galapagos Island

Galapagos Island has some of the best that South America has to offer, with pristine waters, beautiful natural wonderlands and animal species that you wouldn’t see anywhere else like marine iguanas. It also provides a ton of great locales and chances to speak with the locals, though make sure to get a guide if you’re planning to do anything that requires interaction with the environment.

Take on Brazil’s most significant highlights

Not many countries compare to Brazil when it comes to diversity. Take a tour through Rio de Janeiro and bask in the wonders of the lively people and culture. If you decide to venture outside of the city, then Iguassu Falls, one of the 7 Wonders, is the place to go. But of course, you also can’t leave Brazil without visiting the famed Christ of the Redeemer Statue, which is another sight to behold all by itself.

Go deep into the temples of Peru

Peru is chock full of great archaeological sites that are a wonder to behold. It’s not just the architecture, but delicious food and a rich history that all highlight Peru’s status as a melting pot of cultures with a wide array of attractions. If you go to Peru, you have to pay a visit to the San Francisco Monastery in Lima and of course, take the chance to explore Machu Pichu.


Take a romantic  vacation in the Danube

Medieval towns, magnificent cities and a stunning scenery decorate the corners of the Blue Danube, an 8-day cruise that’ll take you all the way from Hungary to Austria, all the while allowing you to indulge in excellent cuisine as you learn about the history behind these old countries. You’ll get a chance to disembark in those cities and stroll as you see fit, allowing you to knock out multiple locations in one go.

Take a tour through the best vineyards and vistas of Europe

France, Italy and England are all recognised for their vineyards and their legendary monuments. It might be a bit much, but no experience is as fun as it’s culturally educative like going through France’s wine region, walking through the ports in Lisbon in Portugal or seeing the Big Ben in London.

Go on a Cruise around the Greek Isles

Even beyond its historical merits, the Greek Islands have secrets and wonders abound. Whether it’d be Athens, the birthplace of civilisation Santorini you’ll find nothing but expansive and beautiful islands filled to the brim with things to do and try out. It’s not just the sites either, the people of Greece are also known for being welcoming, and their food is excellent, all adding up to a relaxing atmosphere.

Jump on a Coastal Cruise around Norway

If you want to try something different and let the explorer within you out, then there’s no better way than through Norway. Many cruises leave from Bergen and go through the coastal lines of this fantastic and mysterious country. Traveling through Norway, you’ll be faced with a cold climate, but it’s all worth it for being able to see the mesmerising wildlife, culture and artic caves that don the landscape. As a bonus, you must visit it during the winter season no matter what, at least if you want to see the renowned Aurora Borealis at its peak.

South Pacific

Relax in the Maldives

The Pacific offers the best for island vacations, and if you want a place to lay back, then you can’t go wrong with the Maldives, quickly making it the best place to go to for a getaway vacation from the family and life in general. Enjoy the fantastic beaches, crispy sand and ever-present hospitality that this island has to offer.

Cruise around the Pacific

Of course, if you want to experience the beauty of the Pacific then you can’t go farther than an all-time cruise around the islands. Go around and learn about all the different cultures that inhabit each island, see the wildlife and waters that surround them and take the chance to meet the locals and connect with the tropical atmosphere that surrounds you for a short while.

And here are our picks for the best vacations to try out this year. Hopefully, some of them are to your liking, though remember, take everything you need and don’t forget to have fun.



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