Past October, we saw MOTION IN FLIGHT, an art exhibition that took Digital Art to its logical next step – combining with state-of-art virtual reality technology to surprise both artists and public with experiences that weren’t possible just a couple of years ago. Guests enjoyed workshops and an array of art installations, created their own virtual graffitis and witnessed renowned artists do their magic with the help of virtual reality.

MOTION IN FLIGHT is part of URBAN REVIVO’s arts program URBAN REVIVO x ART. The program it’s an answer to the rapid growth of technology and its influence in the art world. By adopting emerging technologies and showcasing them in interactive form with the help of digital artists, the public gets a glimpse of what art and its authors will look like years from now.

Photos credit: URBAN REVIVO.

URBAN REVIVO makes sure to invite progressive artists that can take new technologies to the limit as well as kindly introduce their benefits and quirks to the spectators. Previously, we caught up with Honk Kong-based artist Pauline Yau and her life-like paper sculptures, and soon after we were met by Didier Jaba Mathieu.

Didier Jaba Mathieu explains the exhibit to SAUCEink’s COO @edmund. Photo credit: URBAN REVIVO.

You might not know Didier by name, but you likely have already seen his work in action: this Colombian-Belgian artist has worked closely with Lucasfilm and can claim digital designs in blockbusters such as Transformers, Indiana Jones, Iron Man, Harry Potter and Star Trek.

Photo credit: URBAN REVIVO.

We had the luck to see Didier, his pop-up exhibit and VR drawings all live, and he took our breaths away in every virtual stroke.

URBAN REVIVO x ART also hosted complimentary workshops, so guests could learn the basics and polish their talents by asking directly to the professionals during the exhibitions.

MOTION IN FLIGHT is part of URBAN REVIVO’s Play Fashion mantra: be playful with your look and enjoy fashion in unexpected ways. This art exhibit invited guests to experiment art on their own terms (with the help of VR) and URBAN REVIVO invites us to mix and match their clothes to create a look that’s unique to us.

Photos credit: URBAN REVIVO.

It also reflects their desire to always be on the top of trends and innovation: just like it adopted the latest VR tech to showcase art pieces, URBAN REVIVO’s designers are always delivering new looks at the same speed fashion trends evolve in Singapore, sometimes twice in the same week!

Photo credit: URBAN REVIVO.

Want to become part of this futuristic and edge-cutting world of both fashion and art? Join URBAN REVIVO at the Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179103. also, keep an eye on URBAN REVIVO’s and Raffles City’s news and don’t miss another weekend before exploring the present and future of both worlds.



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