Songs, dances, illusions and even jokes become the same once the cameras start rolling: a talented soul’s way to stardom. During its first season on AXN, Asia’s Got Talent became the region’s top platform to catapult rising stars into orbit, and now in the middle of its Season 2, Singaporean talent is finding its way into the hearts of the renowned three judges and onto the Grand Finals.

During the last month, talents coming from all across the region have put their soul on the stage of Asia’s Got Talent Season 2, to win the public’s love, the judges’ applause and the USD 100,000 at stake.

Every week, eight participants show us and the judges what they are made of. Only one of them gets a free pass into the finals by judge vote, and it’s up to the public to raid Google and Facebook and make use of their ten daily votes to propel their favourite acts into the next round.

Our current trio of judges includes a newcomer to the hosting seat and two veterans of the trade:

Jay Park, Anggun and David Foster. Photo credit: Asia’s Got Talent’s Facebook page.

Jay Park, the international pop sensation, multi-platinum record artist and awarded Musician of the Year that, not content with stealing his fans’ hearts on the stage, became CEO and founder of two successful record labels.

Anggun, the internationally acclaimed singer and World Music Award winner. She has made history by becoming Indonesia’s first in breaking into Europe and America’s record charts, Indonesia’s best-selling artist, and now the most prominent judge in the republic’s television history.

David Foster, a returning judge and music producer with 16 Grammy Awards to his name. His presence alone challenges every participant to blow up the stage in a quest to win his coveted Golden Buzzer.

Every week, eight contestants come out of the curtains, but only one is chosen by the judges to stay. Two public-voted acts remain every week, and this week’s voting came down to these participants:

Photo credit: Asia’s Got Talent’s Facebook page.

  1. The Sisters, a duo of Singaporean siblings that moved us all with their rendition of “The Flower Duet” by Leo Delibes. The 10-years-old Anne-Sophie and 12-years-old Ariane received standing ovations from the audience, and the three judges couldn’t do but give them three yeses.
  2. Andrew Lee, the charismatic Malaysian illusionist who shocked the judges by throwing a knife at show host Alan Wong. Of course, the host left unscathed, and so did Andrew’s standing in the competition.
  3. The Power Storm Crew, self-proclaimed first B-Boy band in Thailand, these former backup dancers decided to break on their own and set foot at the centre of the spotlight.
  4. Angela July, whose beautiful voice and harp performance touched the hearts of the judges, and turned her into their choice to proceed directly to the finals.
  5. Neil Rey Garcia Llanes, the Philippines’ beatboxer who entered Asia’s Got Talent for the second time and is ready to redeem himself by giving his all this season.
  6. Deniel Sarmiento, a Filipino youngster who honours his heritage of dancers every time he enters the stage, and that took the judges’ breath away during the auditions.
  7. Ekklesia, the Korean trio that surprised and amazed us with their “popera”, presenting us with a voice and style that break away from the clutter of K-Pop in a search for their own path.
  8. Canion Shijirbat, who showed us not everything is about steps and beats by blending his choreography with his graphic design talents. Canion’s creativity won him the Golden Buzzer pick.

We’ll know what awaits these talented performers very shortly.

However, the lights haven’t turned off yet, and this week a new slew of 8 participants will give their all to win your votes and stay on the competition. These are:

  1. Syah Riszuan (#AGTVote14), or as Anggun calls him now, “Smooth Syah”. This Singaporean broke all our expectations not only with his smooth voice at the young age of 12, but with his expertise in Soul music of all genres.
  2. ADEM Dance Crew (#AGTVote9), the winners of Jay Park’s Golden Buzzer with a Mortal Kombar-inspired animation dance that not only went viral but also marks the Kyrgyz Republic’s first contestant to reach this stage.
  3. Mafarikha (#AGVote10), who received a standing ovation after her beautiful rendition to Mariah Carey’s “Hero”, and sees this competition as the chance she needs to launch her singing career.
  4. The Sacred Riana (#AGTVote11), whose chilling performance alone raked more than 40 million views on Facebook. If she goes viral again this week, she might have her seat in the bag.
  5. Fitri Cerado (#AGTVote12), a talented singer who came back from Season 1 with a vengeance, and so far her determination has won David Foster’s approval.
  6. 218 Crew (#AGTVote13), the Vietnamese troupe that blended LED lights with their cultural heritage. Their ingenuity left the public and judges craving for more.
  7. XTRAP (#AGTVote15), the Japanese trio who brought an emerging genre (#DancingFingers anyone?) into the competition – even David Foster confessed he hasn’t seen anything quite like them before!
  8. DMX (#AGTVote16), the Philippines team that became a fan and judge favourite with their hair-flipping dance, passion and touching backstory.

Next episode, these eight contestants will perform a new piece, and one of them will win the Judge Pick and secure their spot in the Grand Final. It’s okay if your favourite didn’t get picked, though! You can support the performances you loved by using their respective hashtags on Facebook, via Facebook Messenger and even Google Search.

Asia’s Got Talent airs every Thursday at 8.30pm on AXN, and you can follow the action in their YouTube Channel, and checking out the #AXNAsia and #AsiasGotTalent hashtags on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Let’s see whose talent comes on top of this historic competition!


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