Just like Newton’s Eureka moment after an Apple hit his head, we don’t find inspiration and those creative spurs as much as they finds us at the least expected times. Moleskine’s Fall/Winter collection catches the wild beast that is creativity with its Classic Collection and Classic Leather Collection of backpacks for all purposes, and Moleskine’s Smart Writing Set lets you doodle sketches in a smart notebook that digitalises them as you write.

Themed Naturally Smart, these new 2017 collections express a minimalist aesthetic with an ergonomic and practical design. The Moleskine bags and backpacks are the best companion to the nomadic, creative soul, with special compartments for all your essentials like Moleskine’s notebook, digital devices, passports and document portfolio; and leather versions for business and travel styles.

Classic Backpack and Classic Leather Backpack

You can navigate your day with ease and quickly store all your ideas and pick your essential tools with the Classic Backpack. Just carry it on your back, remove the adjustable straps when you don’t need them and store your most used items in its big side pockets.

The Classic Collection (SGD 239) comes in Black, Steel Blue, Myrtle Green and Slate Grey; and the even more resistant Classic Leather Collection (SGD 320) comes in Black, Coffee Brown, Moss Green and Avio.

Classical Vertical Device Bag

This slim bag is designed for working spaces, it has adjustable straps and foregoes the side pockets in favour of one big, zip-secured back pocket to keep your documents and digital devices at easy reach. The Classic Vertical Device Bag (SGD 185) comes in Black, Steel Blue, Myrtle Green and Slate Grey.

Classic Tote and Classic Leather Tote Bag

Keep all your everyday objects within reach with this versatile, all-purpose tote bag with removable and adjustable shoulder straps and two side pockets.

The Classic Tote Bag (SGD 178) comes in Black, Steel Blue and Myrtle Green, and the Classic Leather version (SGD 279) comes in Black, Coffee Brown, Moss Green and Avio.

Classic Foldover Backpack

A backpack for the adventurous type, this lightweight piece has magnetic closures, adjustable backpack straps and zip pullers on the back to securely carry your essential thorough the most agitated days. The Classic Foldover Backpack (SGD 148) comes in Black, Steel Blue, Myrtle Green and Slate Grey.

Classic Foldover Tote

All the advantages of the Foldover Backpack with added chick, this bag has the space to carry all your items and ideas on a busy day. The Classic Foldover Tote (SGD 178) comes in Black, Steel Blue and Myrtle Green.

Classic Duffle Bag

The ultimate bag for out-of-town adventures and hasty travels, the Duffle can store everything you need to survive, has removable and adjustable padded shoulder straps, and webbed metal handles with a padded magnetic cover. The Classic Duffle (SGD 279) comes in Black, Steel Blue and Myrtle Green.

Moleskine bags are geared towards the creative individual, who can’t help but bring out his notebook when an idea comes to her head or it’s time for a quick pitch at the coffee stop. However, as comfortable as paper is, it’s fragile and not the best format to share or store notes and sketches.

Moleskine’s Smart Writing Set

Moleskine’s Smart Writing Set might change that forever, though.

This writing set is a combo of smart notebook, pen and mobile app, which work in tandem to digitalize your notes as you draw, turning your paper doodles into digital text and images that you can polish with other apps and share immediately from all your mobile devices. This way, your creative process goes uninterrupted as you let technology do the grunt work of preserving your precious creative sparks.

The Smart Writing Set consists of:

  • A smart Paper Tablet, which feels and works like a notebook and where you’ll write down ideas as swiftly as they come to your head.
  • The Pen+, a slim aluminum pen that digitalizes your every trace.
  • Moleskine Note, an app that not only saves your sketches in real time, but lets you export, edit and share them.

You can be more productive with the Smart Writing Set (Paper Tablet, Pen+ and Moleskine Notes app) for only SGD 359.

The Moleskine Fall/Winter Collection is available at all Moleskine stores in Singapore.

Moleskine selected products are also available on Lazada, through Taobao.



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