We’re nearing the end of the year, and it’s finally time for clubs to pull out all of the stops as the holiday season gets closer and closer. Zouk isn’t one to stay behind, especially with it being one of the oldest and best nightclubs that Singapore has to offer. Living up to that hype, it’s offering guests a month filled with surprising events that’ll keep us on the edge of our seats.

Start the month off right with October 7th featuring Dutch artist and producer San Holo who will perform his current hit “Light”, alongside Dutch duo DROELEO. If you’re looking for a chance to get a good dance in then, this artist definitely won’t disappoint.

Things heat up as we head towards the middle part of the month. Come on October 14th and take a look at Ame, who has been making the rounds around the world and earning their place as one of the best live acts to experience during the year. Then, if you get tired of constant club dancing, you can go to Zouk’s very own Mambo Jambo night, which returns for another year of classical themes and songs that’ll throw some variety in your night with some classic 70s, 80s and 90s mambo music.

Don’t want to give Mambo a try? Then come on October 20th and learn about the ever-expanding genre of Hip Hop at Zouk’s bi-annual Sin City event, where guests will have the chance to hear some of the best tracks Hip Hop has to offer, while also learning more about the culture. Come for the music and stay for the amazing beats.

But remember, October is the month of horror and things that come walking the night. So if you want to get in the spirit of Halloween, you can’t miss your chance to attend Zouk’s Laboratorium of Horror. If you’re a horror buff, then you’ll appreciate this spooky Dystopian horror theme that you should check out at your discretion.

All of this and more events are heading for Zouk this October, and while the whole city will be crawling with events like this, we can’t stress enough how much you have to try this out. After all, Zouk has consistently been a great source of entertainment and has opened up doors for a lot of artists both from and outside of Singapore.

If you want to check out any, or all, of these events, then try out Zouk’s website for more information about it has to offer.



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