Good times, bad times, friends, family and lovers… at the end of the day, they say, our memories are our most precious treasure: they are a testament to our relationships with those we care about, of our glories and pains. Sometimes, an instant is so dear to us we want to preserve it for the rest of our lives, and we take a photo.

But, are we losing the meaning of photos?

Before we noticed, social media became the gateway to our memories. We found a way to connect with more people we could imagine, and experience many new things from our screens. What’s more, our smartphones are the most practical and potent camera we could ever ask for.

So, how come we spend so much time crafting a perfect selfie, a perfect album… but so little time actually enjoying it? Maybe a screen is fabulous when deciding which filters to apply to a selfie, but it’s not so much when sitting down to share those memories with ourselves and our loved ones.

With the holidays on the horizon, wouldn’t you like to relive those fun times with your family or friends sitting on a couch, laughing and telling stories in front of an old-fashioned photo album? My Social Book has you covered.

My Social Book is a company giving you a place to keep your memories in the earnest way possible: a beautiful, hardcover physical book. Through their site, My Social Book allows you to create personalised photo albums, with pics taken from your social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram, and receive it at your doorstep.

My Social Book lets you hand-pick and customise the pictures you want, allowing you to choose time periods, photos and even comments or pictures you commented on but weren’t a part of.

It also lets you fine-tune the appearance of your book, allowing you to choose from different themes to make it more lighthearted and entertaining. On that same note, you can also decide who the book is for, meaning you can gift one to a friend, family or spouse this Christmas.

Round up all your social life inside a beautiful book.

Once you have your book all set up like you want, you just have to pay and wait for the express delivery to do its job. In seven days tops, you’ll be sitting with a book in your hands and a smile on your face.

Our love for photo albums hasn’t died out, especially in an age where we rarely stop to look up from our phones or computers. My Social Book gives us the chance to spend some quality time reminiscing about our lives and experiences (and add to them!).

So don’t be afraid to try, we have already given it a go, and it’s an entirely different experience when you look at your pictures holding the book with your hands. It’s also more inviting for other people to look over your shoulder and share your memories with you.

Try it now and get a 10 percent discount off your next Christmas gift.



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