Celebrating their 10th anniversary, The Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention is coming back this year during September 9th and 10th. Known for hosting incredible experiences involving cosplay, gaming and comics, this is a fantastic opportunity to share your passions with other people.

An anniversary celebration wouldn’t be complete without exclusive events, opening with Star Wars: Experience the Force @ STGCC, which is a fun, immersive experience entirely dedicated to Star Wars. In this area, devotees have the chance to get up close and personal with fan-made items such as vehicle replicas, games and collectables. Something you can’t miss if you’re a hardcore Star Wars fan! (Only available to VIP and STGCC ticket holders)

Next, we have the Akiba Zone. Inspired by the famous Japanese town, this one is going to offer attendees an entire area dedicated to cosplay and music, featuring modern Japanese DJs, upcoming idols and beauty brands.

Idols will be located in their respective booths where fans will be able to engage them. Additionally, small sections of live entertainment are going to be displayed on a mini stage within the same area.

If you happen to have a problem with your cosplay outfit, this area will also feature a Costume Repair Station managed by the STGCC Championship of Cosplay 2016 winner, Erika Jean Garbin. With the help of her assistant, she will be providing quick fix-up services for attendees. Additionally, she will also host a talk on costume maintenance and enhance your costume’s durability. (Only available to VIP, STGCC and GGXP+AKIBA ticket holders)

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Besides the aforementioned special anniversary areas, this STGCC’s main event will also feature idols from diverse areas such as music producers, illustrators, artists and even musical groups.

An area called “Walk of Fame” will also be designated so that you can see your idols up close, ask them for an autograph or chat sessions, so make sure to check the schedule! (Both the main event and the Walk of Fame will only available to VIP and STGCC ticket holders)

Of course, a STGCC can’t be complete without the annual Championships of Cosplay, where the most dedicated cosplayers showcase their work and even represent their countries in a cosplay competition with huge prizes!

The first place prize includes a commemorative medal, an automatic entry for next year’s Crown Championships of Cosplay to be held in Chicago, and also USD1000 in cash! A real showtime for cosplay lovers.

And lastly, if you enjoy loud music, a light stage and partying hard, there is going to be an after party right after the 2nd day of the event, 10th of September, starting at 9pm till late. Tickets will be sold at the door with a sweet 10$ discount for STGCC ticket holders.

All in all, this year’s STGCC sounds like it’s going to be an amazing experience. Going with friends or meeting people right there are both great ideas since you’ll be surrounded by things you all love and feel passionate about. So why wait?

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