Nowadays, social media is a place where we can share our experiences in life with people all over the internet.

Whether it is the coffee we purchased this morning, something we liked that we stumbled upon on our way to work or even the moment we met a famous personality, posting about it can make us extend some of the emotion we felt in any given moment to other users.

But when travelling, social media can meddle in between our dreamed vacation trip and ourselves. When travelling most people seek relaxation, a change of pace in our lives, travelling is meant to refresh our mind and body.

Constantly being on the phone checking your social media, posting every few minutes and not paying full attention to what you’re experiencing can ruin your vacation trip.

It’s understandable how eager you might be feeling about sharing a photo of the big blue ocean with your friends, but there are some things you should keep in mind before doing so.

If you’re travelling with your family, there are some group activities you might be interested in; these could be ruined completely if they have to constantly be interrupted so that you can check your phone.

You can also really make your family not have a good time by making them pose in front of everything you see to take a photo.

Remember that the internet is a vast place full of complete strangers, you never know who or what you may or may not encounter, and by uploading photos of your vacation trip away from your home, could become a burglar’s opportunity to sneak into your house, or even worse, find you.

However, there are multiple ways you can help yourself stay away from social media at all times, ensuring that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest and stay safe while also getting to share all the experiences you lived during your vacation trip.

You could try turning off your phone’s internet service so that you don’t feel tempted to check social media whenever you get a notification. If you need to, you could turn it back on after you’re back in your hotel room.

Another thing you could do is taking all the photos you want along the trip and uploading them after you get back home.

This way you will ensure you’ll keep your location safe at all times during your vacation and will also get to share it with your friends.

Some people even decide to leave their phones at home and bring a camera along with them. This could be useful as it will force you to stay away not only from social media but texting and calls, allowing you to enjoy your holiday trip!

Keep in mind that holidays are meant to be fun and refreshing. Like a deep breath of fresh air that will help you relax from the stress of a stressful daily routine.

Enjoy it to the fullest and spend the quality time you deserve!



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