Coco & Frank is a homegrown premium cookie brand that is dedicated to the art of baking with natural ingredients. Their flourless oatmeal cookies are freshly baked and they are committed to bring natural goodness in every cookie. With your wellness in mind, Coco & Frank’s flourless cookies are proudly gluten-free and are complex carbo-packed for the modern, health conscious consumer.

Expanding beyond cookies is a new product lineup of tarts and muffins, which are also focused on the wellness aspect. These new items are a tantalising feast for your 5 senses.

Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Praline

With a delicate and buttery flavor, a generous portion of macadamia nuts is daintily folded into their distinctive oatmeal tart crust. After that, the crisp tart crusts are placed in a primed oven, slowly baked to a gorgeous golden glamour. With a pleasant nutty aroma filling up the room, the perfectly baked oatmeal tart crusts are then filled with a mouth-watering velvety, smooth dark chocolate praline, made from only the finest cocoa beans giving them a signature, rich taste. Filled lavishly up to the brim of the tart crusts, the Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Praline is a polished balance of oats, macadamia nuts and pure chocolate. They are available in bite-sized portions, for the occasional luxurious gift, to brighten up your day.

Norwegian Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese

With a silky, connoisseur-loved texture and a distinctive sea salt flavor, air flown in Norwegian smoked salmon slices are slowly infused into the gourmet muffin batter. Baked to a beautiful caramel-like color, the amazing intense aroma of smoked salmon within the freshly baked muffins is a small delectable gem. Right before the hearty muffins are served, a touch of zest in the form of soft, white cream cheese is placed on the top, completing the entire gustatory experience.

Extending out a warm invitation, Coco & Frank welcome you to join them at the grand launch of their new food items, this Saturday afternoon (August 5th, 2017) at 12 Haji Lane.

Samples of their awesome cookies will be given out as well. Here are some of the must tries.

Oatmeal Macadamia

Using only the finest Australian “Style 0” Premium Wholes Macadamia nuts mixed into a perfect balance of golden brown sugar, fresh Australian butter, sea salt, wholesome eggs and finally, a unique blend of grinded Australian oatmeal, the Oatmeal Macadamia cookies from Coco & Frank is packed with healthy fiber, vitamins and essential minerals. Top it off with a deliciously nutty aroma and a crunchy bite, this flourless oatmeal cookie is an absolute winner!

Oatmeal Salted Caramel

A perfect marriage between caramel and almond, Oatmeal Salted Caramel cookies brings about a lavish sweetness that is indescribably memorable. Folded gently into a harmonious blend of Australian butter, sea salt, eggs and a unique blend of Australian Oatmeal, Oatmeal Salted Caramel cookies from Coco & Frank is the perfect dessert to sweeten your day!

Oatmeal Double Belgium Chocolate

Known for their superior taste, authentic melted Belgium milk chocolate and 71 percent dark chocolate is infused into the signature Australian oatmeal dough. On top of that, each cookie is filled with even more luscious chocolate chips, which triples down on the entire chocolate experience. Oatmeal Double Belgium Chocolate cookies may just be the best thing that happened for a chocolatey snack.

Oatmeal Golden Raisin Multi-seed

Gorgeous golden raisins are first steeped into fresh, zesty lemon juice. After which, a balanced blend of nutritious pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds is prepared. Every single gem is then gently folded into the signature oatmeal cookie dough, ensuring that each bite of the cookie is both extremely tasty and packed with a healthy boost of nutrients we all need. Oatmeal Golden Raisin Multi-seed cookies are the perfect gift for the health-conscious and wellness-oriented.

On top of their in-house specialties, complimentary ice cream and sachets of their popular cookies will be given out throughout the day while stocks last.

Lastly, there will be an event exclusive promotion starting from 3.30pm, offering you the opportunity to purchase the 100gram packets of their delicious flourless oat cookies, which will also contain an additional complimentary packet of the same type.

We hope to see you this coming Saturday!



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