Can’t you find anything to watch? Sometimes we feel TV series no longer offer anything fresh. Thus we spend hours changing channels or browsing Netflix without finding something that attracts our attention.

Let’s look into a world of infinite possibilities. The internet is the best place to find almost everything you want, so here we give you a list of the ten best web series to watch.

Splash Splash Love

Down in the dumps, high school senior Dan-Bi (Kim Seul Gi) falls through a puddle and pops back up in drought stricken Joseon era, where she meets the (very cute) King Lee Do (Yoon Doo Joon) and becomes his confidante. The plot gets hilarious, as everyone mistakes her for a man, thinking she is a eunuch. It’s a two-episode Korean web drama (an hour long each) and makes us realise nothing’s funnier than watching someone from the wrong century trying to figure out how to navigate another period.

Detective Sweet

After surviving a car accident, autistic Su Tang (Chen Xiao Ping) suddenly has incredibly awesome super observation powers. Using her new powers for good by helping out the police, she ends up getting involved in a mysterious plot. “Detective Sweet” is perfect for fans of Sherlock, Psych, and other detective shows.

Le Jun Kai

Le Jun Kai (Peter Ho), looking for ways to take revenge on his enemy,  marries his enemy’s daughter, Ye Zi (Janine Chang), and though he proceeds mistreating her and making her life as miserable as possible, he somehow ends falling in love with her. He divorces her to evade his feelings, and years later finds out she was pregnant and had raised his son on her own.

Go Princess Go

This Chinese web drama takes an alternative, but fun approach to time travelling, heading in a direction never seen before. Modern-day Playboy Zhang Peng travels back in time… ending trapped in the body of Crown Princess Zhang Peng Peng (Crystal Zhang)! The princess’s new heterosexual soul has initially no interest in her husband, Crown Prince Qi Sheng (Peter Sheng), and starts touching and flirting with his concubines instead!. This show has 35 episodes, 20-25 minutes each.

Secret Message

The Korean Woo-Hyun (T.O.P) and the Japanese Haruka (Juri Ueno), that live different lives, are both scarred by their own past love experiences, and slowly find love with each other.

This is an 18-episode drama that can be both touching and very artistic, providing viewers with a combination of philosophical thoughts and attractive visuals.

Happy Together

A Taiwanese web drama, highly cheering and emotionally moving, which is 15-episode long, tells the story of six friends living under the same roof and the complex relationships between them.


A series by Felicia Day (actress, writer, producer, and internet queen) and Bryan Singer (director of X-Men: Days of Future Past) Spooked is a hilarious and slick production, a paranormal and haunting comedy that’s a scarily fun show to watch.

The Outs

A romantic drama about a broken couple, ex-boyfriends Mitchell (Adam Goldman – creator, director and co-writer) and Jack (Hunter Canning), and their straight, girl friend Oona (Sasha Winters – co-writer). They live through the events before, during and after the breakup, experiencing hedonistic, cringe-worthy, joyful and toxic maelstrom of adult life. It’s all captured through a cinematic mix of close handheld shots and carefully framed set pieces.

Ex- Best

Real friends Diana Gettinger and Monica Hewes, both actors and writers, are the stars in the web series ‘Ex-Best’ that explore a dysfunctional female friendship where former best friends don’t feel like it anymore.

We have often been exposed to the image of the catfight – two female rivals clawing and biting, metaphorically or even literally, at each other’s necks. The opposite scenario to that sexist trend has taken the form of stories about female bonding, female unity. With this web series, we see the complicated but relatable process of the breakdown of such a devoted female friendship.

Love Cells

Ma Dae Choong (Park Sun Ho) is a depressed guy, having the blues in his mid-20s (sound like anyone you know?). He feels a quarter love life crisis and his “love cell” (just roll with it) decides to take matters into its own hands. “Love Cells“ is a 15-episode series that moves very quickly, so you should take your computer with you if you are going to take a bathroom break.

If you have had enough of changing channels on television and always watching the same boring shows again and again, maybe these ten web series will make you forget about your TV.



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