Navigating the nightlife in Singapore can be a daunting task if you don’t know where you’re going. The city is not just big but also offers a variety of venues for people to have fun and enjoy the night, but naturally, some are better than others.

If you’re someone who wants to spend a night of fun and partying or just wants to hang out with their friends at a club, then you’ll never run out of options. But for as many clubs as there are, only a few can truly stand among the best. So put on your best outfit and get ready for a night of fun at these fantastic clubs.

Club Sonar

Located in the shopping paradise that is Orchard Road is Club Sonar. This club easily stands out as one of the best places to go to if you want to listen to live music and often hosts up and coming artists. Sonar also offers DJs that will help spice things up in between songs and a set of drinks that will make you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.

Sonar also offers its Elysium Lounge for those that want to have a quieter time at the club, though a reservation is required to enter this area.

Sonar is opened every day from 21:30 to 6:30, though schedules may vary depending on events, and is located at 442 Orchard Road, Orchard Hotel #02-29.

Trace Club

Trace Lounge is still a pretty new club around the block, with only a couple of years since it opened (though for nightclubs that can be a great feat). It stands in Dark Quay, the epicentre of Singapore’s nightlife and offers a new kind of experience to its guests.

If you’re a fan of big hip-hop and EDM (electronic dance music) Trace not just delivers, it offers it in spades. The club is packed with top of the art lighting and sound effects and can guarantee you’ll be dancing to the beat like never before.

Trace opens on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, with Wednesday being their weekly ladies night featuring hip-hop and weekends going heavy on the EDM. You can find it on #01-03 5 Magazine Road, so don’t miss it!


If you’re looking for a more luxurious experience, then you can’t go wrong with Altimate. The best thing that this club can offer for anyone is a spectacular view of the city thanks to its place on the 61st floor of One Raffles Place.

The view sets the stage for a venue filled with a young crowd that is always ready to party. Comfortable plush leather booths and creative cocktails abound at a very reasonable price.

Altimate requires a SGD30 dollar entry fee, but it’s well worth it for a night of fantastic music and drinks surrounded by the skies of Singapore. You can try it out yourself at One Raffles Place on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 22:00-03:00 and 22:00-4:00 respectively.


For just SGD20 (or SGD30 if you want a free drink) you can get in on one of the most beloved clubs in the city, CANVAS. CANVAS was originally the famous Home Club before it was closed and changed its concept back in 2013. CANVAS quickly cemented its place by delivering an amazing clubbing experience right from the start with dazzling music such as Afro-Latin, Swing House, Techno and Nu-Disco as well as art pieces that will spike up your sense.

Events also abound in CANVAS, such as its stand-up comedy nights that offer a new type of experience for club-goers and Ladies Nights on Thursday where ladies are served free flow vodka from 22:00 to 2:00.

CANVAS is located at 20 Upper Circular Road, The River Walk and opens up early at 17:00 from Tuesday to Saturday, so it’s a good place to start the night off.

Club Kyo

From the skies, we go down all the way underground to Club Kyo underneath Keck Seng Tower’s basement. Club Kyo is a perfect place for anyone looking for a chance to relax. You’ll find an array of Japanese sakes, wines and champagnes that’ll help you get the party started.

Club Kyo gives guests a chance to laid back thanks to its ambient and escapist Japanese-inspired art pieces decorated around the club along with wooden furniture and bronze wall panels, giving it a natural feel.

It also stands out thanks to its wide selection of music which varies in style and genre depending on the day, so you have a reason to keep visiting if you want to get a new side of the experience.

All you need to enter Club Kyo is SGD20 if you’re a woman and SGD25 if you’re a man, plus you get a free drink! You can find it on 133 Cecil Street, Keck Seng Tower #B1-02 and is open from 21:00 to 04:00 on Wednesday and Thursdays, from 21:00 to 04:30 on Fridays and 23:00 to 6:00 on Saturdays.


Attica stands out among all the clubs in the Clarke Quay because of its multi-level experience that brings in different types of guests. Club-goers who visit Level 1 will get to enjoy a more subdued night full of classy drinks and some of the best R&B music.

Those that decide to attend Level 2 will enjoy a night of vibrant electro and trance music filled with a hip and popping atmosphere and free drinks. Connecting both levels is the Courtyard, where guests can go and unwind from the night as well as well as Bar Rose for those that want a taste of champagne and martinis while overlooking Singapore River.

Attica is also known for offering the best Ladies Night in Singapore. Ladies won’t just get a few complimentary drinks on the house; they’ll also get desserts such as ice cream, tiramisu and even Kahlua shots as well as a 750ml martini bottle for the best group of well-dressed ladies.

Attica is on 3A River Valley Road, #01-03 Clarke Quay Singapore. Opening hours for the club vary depending on where you want to go, however. People aiming for Level 1 can enter from 22:30 to 4:00 while those going to Level 2 will come from 23:00 to 05:0 on Wednesdays and 23:00 to 05:30 on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays.

Zouk Nightclub

Zouk is easily the most famous club in all of Singapore and is also one of the best-known clubs around the world. It regularly draws people in worldwide and has earned a place in history thanks to its 23 years in business. Zouk’s fame comes from an understanding of what everyone is looking for and offers four different clubs inside of its complex: Zouk, Phuture, Velvel Underground-Dance and Velvel Underground-Lounge along with a wine bar each one with their style of music and drinks.

For just SGD30 and SGD25 (depending on gender) guests will be able to enjoy a party with the famous DJs both from the island and worldwide to ambient music and one of the best lounges in Singapore. It also offers events such as fashion shows depending on which venue they are attending.

Zouk’s four bars open on Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays but the time they open and close varies depending on the site. Either way, this is a nightclub that you can’t afford to miss.



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