Being a former British Colony located in such a strategic location, Singapore has always had a vast mix of cultures, attracting people from many countries. This great cultural convergence has brought an enormous culinary variety.

Starting July the 14th through July the 30th, Singapore Food Festival is going to be the host of many cuisines and cultures once again. Find out what’s waiting for us in this culinary festival!

Given how strong Singapore’s street food culture is, it’s not a surprise that “STREAT” will be one of the opening events. Every year, this event gathers chefs from many different cultures and congregates them in the street, where they will be able to cook and sell their dishes to whoever’s interested.

However, if wines are your thing, a “Hawker Wine Safari” will also be held on the first day of the festival, up to the very end. No wine lover can let this opportunity go. Wines from plenty of countries are going to be available for you to take a sip on. Even a professional winemaker will be attending a few sessions which will be answering any wine-related questions you may have!

If you’re more on the traditional side, there are a couple of events planned for this festival. First off there’s the Kueh Pairing Workshop Series, where you will be able to learn how to pair them with artisanal tea, how to craft a Kueh-inspired cocktail and even how pair Kueh with different types of coffee!

Additionally, you can attend the Kueh Appreciation Day, where you will be able to attend Kueh making demonstration classes and taste some rare Kueh that will only be available during this event!

But if traditional teas are your weakness, you can attend the Singapore Tea Festival! A two-day festival featuring over 25 brands to explore Singapore’s tea heritage through talks or demonstrations. All this while, of course, enjoying a lovely cup of tea.

As a plus for the traditional folk, tradition festivals will go beyond the Hawker centres and reach many restaurants. 52 restaurants will be joining the celebrations by creating brand new dishes inspired by multiple cultures.

If you’re a fan of art, then Project Plait: Inheritance is going to be your main event. If having a 5-course multicultural meal wasn’t good enough, then how about watching dancers perform live right in front of you as you eat? Dive into this culinary-contemporary dance show and enjoy great art while you explore the different cultures that express their cuisine in this fantastic event.

If you’re more of an intellectual person, then maybe the event Food for Thought will be the best stop for you. This half-day talk is going to show you the world of ‘Modern Singaporean’ cuisine. In this event, fascinating topics will be discussed such as: “The Future of Food” or “Taste Talks: Neo Sin, Mod Sin or Origin Sin?”.

All these events are just to name a few. There are several more that will be featured in Singapore Food Festival! What do you think about it? Does it wake your culinary interest? Join us in this delicious experience!


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