Rejoice, for a shopping paradise is about to open in Singapore, one that will be heaven for anyone that likes to stretch out their wallet, it’s the Great Singapore Sale. This event, known as the GSS, will be starting on June 9th and extend all the way to August, with shops and retailers offering discounts that can’t be missed.

During the event, shoppers will be able to get amazing deals on everything, from beauty to electronic products and even toys. Not just that, the scale of the GSS has grown to such an extent that the whole island becomes a shopping paradise, from the big stores to small rural places, they’re all in on the fun, and they all want your money.

The GSS first started out back in 1994 and was co-organized by the Singapore Retailers Association and Singapore Tourism Board. It was created with the goal of increasing tourism and sales on the island and was recognised as an official event that brings people from all over and is opened to anyone.

Over the years it’s grown immensely and now it embodies more than buying clothes, accessories and other products. The event also acts as a way for people to enjoy everything the city has to offer since hotels and restaurants also like to get in on the fun and give discounts that allow shoppers to enjoy experiences they normally wouldn’t.

This year will be no different; guests are welcome to travel through the island and try out all the stores and restaurants they want. Those looking for some great prices and products are welcome to try out Orchard Road which offers a long line of Malls, designer brands and fashion levels, giving anyone that goes there something to pick from.

Other places to visit during this event include China Town, which offers an array of souvenir stores along with sites reminiscent of the olden day China, along with many food stalls and restaurant that highlight traditional Chinese food.

You can also enjoy the Malay experience in Singapore at Kampong Glam, which offers the Istana Palace, housing the Malay Heritage Center. Guests can also try out an array of multi-cultural delicacies that can be found in this area, all with great discounts that’ll help you get the most out of the sale.

This year’s GSS starts on June 9th and will last for ten weeks, giving you enough to time to get down and take the stores by storms. The GSS will also feature Singapore’s best radio stars Glenn Ong and The Flying Dutchman from station OneFM 91.3. Not just that, guests will also get to participate in different events and can even win some fantastic rewards!

So come down to GSS and get your shop-on as you explore the streets of Singapore and experience the best that the island has to offer.


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