Clubs are the rage once you get inside and have your drink in hand, but how come getting there can be so hard?

Long queues and overworked bartenders are the bread and butter of party nights. Despite what the scene looks like in Hollywood, it’s not as romantic once you factor ten more people behind you urging you to get out of line already.

But, just as the solitary bar nights are a thing of the past, so will be the long lines waiting for your drink, all thanks to technology.

GET JUICED is Singapore’s first cashless and queue-less bar experience by Creative Insurgence. It works exactly like you’d expect a business of the digital era to do: Download the app and order your drink while chilling out, wait for the notification, and go to the queue-less station to grab your drink.

The fact you don’t have to go and order it gives this bar a lot of freedom: you can get your drink in over 8000 square foots in Clarke Quay, and since everything is automated, no cost goes for bartenders, and you get your drinks at an affordable SGD 5.

“It’s all in an effort to build a Smart Partying lifestyle.” says Daniel Cheng, director of Get Juiced.

Of course, real bars aren’t just about drinking at all: 3 entertainment rooms are waiting for you at the place – Chill, Dance and Live, so you can enjoy your drink on a live show, the dance floor, or just relaxing and chatting.

How does it work?

  • Download the GET JUICED app for iPhone or Android, and load all your budget, so you don’t have to take your cash with you.
  • Once in Get Juiced, order any drink for SGD 5.
  • Enjoy yourself while you wait for the notification, then grab your drink – it’s all programmed, so you never have to get in line.
  • Get informed when your favourite drinks are on promotion and special discounts on your birthday.

If you are ready for the smart partying future, the GetJuiced app will be available for both Android and iOS on July 8th, 2017, and you can sign up at

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  1. Aloysius 1 year ago

    So looking forward to this. Very interesting concept.

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