It all happens in an instant: tilting your smartphone just above the eye line, a flash of light, a raise of an eyebrow or a sideway smile, and you’re out for the night.

And then the Likes and Shares start coming.

Why do we take selfies? We all do it (though some more than others). Selfie is now an official word in the dictionary.

Not even presidents can escape.

In reality, no matter why we are doing it, the fact is we are, and they become our portrait to the rest of the world. So, make sure you know how to take them the right way.

Leave Clichés To The Newbies

We know it looks great when it’s Kim doing it, but think twice before going for a duck-face, “gangsta” gesture or a full-body bathroom mirror shot.

Poses like this are familiar ground and thus comfortable, but they are greatly overdone and will make your Instagram account feel outdated in the best of cases (these were popular on Tumblr… like ten years ago).

If you feel like pulling off a famous pose, put the phone down. Instead, go for more natural-looking selfies: walk away and then go straight for a quick snapshot; this way you won’t have time to overthink it.

A real smile will trump any trick in the selfie book.

Search For The Perfect Lighting

You always want to highlight your best features, and you can’t do that with shadows over your face. The best moment of the day for a pic is during sunrise or sunset, where the light is low but caressing your face with its golden glow.

However, sometimes the clock won’t be in your favour, or you’ll be inside without windows nearby. In this case, trust the tested-and-proven white paper trick to neutralise the flash of the camera and create a natural-looking light.

Or even better, do what Kim Kardashian did up there and ditch the clunky flash altogether with an adjustable Gleem LED phone case. If it works for her, there’s now reason it won’t work for you.

Win a free set of LED phone cases (and never miss a selfie again) here.

Be Yourself, But Pose

This goes the same if you are just experimenting with your head tilt as if you’re taking a welfie (workout selfie) during your daily workout.

Everyone has a “best” angle, and if you want a selfie to be great, you can always take around 5 with little tweaks in between and choose a winner.

If you don’t “feel” any of your selfies, try gradual changes: stop looking at the camera or hold it higher than normal or at your sides; just remember the focus should always be on your face and upper shoulders.

Tell A Story With Them

A workout afternoon or a snapshot in a crowded concert might call for more creativity on where and how to hold your phone.

Welfies and “extreme selfies” for example are naturally more energetic but need you to be more careful with them. When looking for the best angle in more active poses, remember to get a firm grip on your phone.

You really want a resistant and grip-friendly case when tackling more extravagant poses.

Make The Background Your Ally

We always say balance is key, but when it comes to selfies, the middle ground is the worst place to be.

If you want to highlight whatever you are doing, make sure the background tells the whole story. If you want to show off your makeup, go for the simplest one you can find.

Either be the protagonist of an interesting background or make sure nothing gets between people’s eyes and your face.

Use The Correct App And Filters

Companies know what you’re up to. The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a selfie mode. Use the tools you’ve been given to its fullest: experiment with the best Instagram filters and get familiar with quick-edit apps like Afterlight or Perfect 365.

If you are really serious, you could even consider getting a digital camera. It’s probably too much for an average Saturday night, but if you are an influencer or model that lives off her online presence, by all means, consider investing on better selfies.

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