BistroMD is considered one of the best ways to lose weight, according to CBSNews, along with other programs like the famous Weight Watchers plan, eDiets, and the South Beach Diet.

Bistro MD, the diet food delivery program, has been consistently rated at the top by users in many online studies, especially when it comes to rating the various diet food delivery programs by taste and consumer satisfaction.

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One Stop Shop For Taste, Health And Weight Loss

One of the most important factors of any diet food delivery program is the taste. The primary concern, apart from imparting health-conscious nutrition that promotes weight loss, is to also ensure the product tastes good, so that consumers will actually stick to the meal plan.

In multiple rating polls across the web, Bistro MD has risen rapidly up the ranks of diet programs this year. Consumers are consistently seen rating it at the top position when it comes to satisfactory weight loss programs which are also quite delicious.

Further, Bistro MD has won Health magazine’s “best diet support” award. The magazine expands on their choice by pointing out how the Bistro MD meal plans are not only healthy but also offer the best taste and the most “gourmet” menu list among the many diet programs in the current market.

More Customization and Variety

Apart from taste and menu, this widespread consumer satisfaction can be attributed to other features offered by Bistro MD.

This is one of the top diet programs that offers so much user-friendly customization and variety.

The program offers two different types of meal plans:

  • The five-day meal plan – wherein the user can choose to consume Bistro MD foods only for five days a week and eat their own choices for the other two days.
  • The seven day mean plan – wherein the user consumes only Bistro MD meals for all seven days of the week for as long as they are in the diet program.

Quite apart from the flexibility in the meal plan systems, there are also other features which make Bistro MD superior to its counterparts on the market:

  • Bistro MD was initially developed to cater to the needs of diabetics and pre-diabetics and as such is safe and healthy for the consumption of those suffering from the disorder.
  • Bistro MD states that all its meals are made from the finest raw ingredients and processing of their food is kept minimum to ensure higher nutritional benefits for their consumers.
  • Unlike many other diet programs, Bistro MD foods are quite self-sufficient. They don’t require the consumer to add more vegetables to the food. Almost always, everything necessary is provided for within the meal package. All that is needed is some fresh fruits occasionally, and even that isn’t necessary and up to the consumer.
  • They offer sufficiently large portions for each meal and little snacks in between, so the consumer shouldn’t feel starved.

Taking a birds-eye view of all the above factors, it’s no wonder Bistro MD is repeatedly topping the dieters’ polls everywhere!



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