If you are here because you wanted to hear how we women manage our little trysts and other never-see-the-daylight stories, you will be disappointed. There is one more “dirty little secret” that makes us look and feel a little less appealing to others: Vaginitis.

It’s never easy managing a disease that is commonly afflicted on millions of women everywhere. Whether the cause of it is due to change in the normal balance of vaginal bacteria, or maybe it’s caused by an infection, we shouldn’t worry too much about it as it’s really easy to treat.

Introducing a total vaginal solution: Jil Gyung Yi

Created from natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Ginkgo leaf, Peppermint leaf, Cactus, Centella etc, Jil Gyung Yi is a natural feminine cleanser that helps reduce genital discomfort and reduces future occurrence.

Jil Gyung Yi works generally by providing nutrients to the lactobacillus within the vagina, which facilitates it’s growth, producing lactic acid which maintains the pH balance, creating a healthy vaginal environment. This process is also known as stimulating the current auto-purification levels.

This product is certified safe to use for anyone aged 4 years old and above, however, different dosages and application methodologies are applied as according to age.

If you are wondering what the treatment looks like, it’s basically two pills placed into your vagina, and that’s it! Make sure you wash your genitals thoroughly before going ahead with the steps, hygiene always help!

There are many reasons why we should manage our “dirty little secret”, with feeling good with ourselves being at top of the chart. So take care of your “secret” well and you are on your way to a happier, more confident lifestyle!



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