We’ve already talked about Pan Pacific Singapore before, but this time we’re going to focus on a restaurant that offers a lot of variety and worldwide culinary delights that are sure to make you drool with excitement.

Pacific Marketplace is the restaurant you should go to if you are looking for a varied experience where you can enjoy tasty dishes with worldwide inspirations. Pacific Marketplace is now aiming to attract more customers with the introduction of 20 new dishes, all with distinct ingredients and recipes from all around the world, especially made by its head chef.

Start off things with the Traditional Nyonya Chicken Curry, which was added to the menu by the diner’s popular demand. Its popularity stems from the aromatic bowl of chicken curry, with chicken so tender that it practically falls off the bone as well as delicious homemade gravy made with curry leaves, chilli, lemongrass, blue ginger and candle nuts.

Diners will also have the benefit of trying out the Pacific Lobster Laksa, made up of a spicy noodle soup with fish cakes and a hard-boiled egg; the main ingredient, however, is a half poached Boston Lobster that is sure to pack a punch.

If, instead, you are a more of a veggie lover, then don’t worry, Pacific Marketplace has also added new dishes to their Salad Fiesta.

Diner-goers will be able to eat dishes like the Sayur Lodeh which is made up of vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, turnips eggs among other ingredients, all simmered in a spicy coconut broth.

Tables also get decorated with the 63 Degree Celsius Egg Salad, with sous vide styled egg sitting atop house crafted Parma ham, asparagus, arugula and tomato chips.

And for the more adventurous, you can try brand new, modern dishes like Lobster Niçoise with poached lobsters, eggs and baby potatoes, or the Carrot and Strawberry Salad with maple-glazed baby carrots and strawberries whisked in avocado cream.

If you want something simpler, and with a spice of western, you can go over to the Hearty Sandwich Stack dishes. This set offers the Tuna Poke or the Off the Record Sandwich that acts as a reimagining of the classic French delight, Ratatouille, stacked on a chewy-crusted Ciabatta along with a handful of other ingredients like Eggplant, Pepper Caponata and Provolone Cheese.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, aren’t we? After all, every night of eating should start out with an appetiser, and Pacific Marketplace delivers on that front as well. Guests can enjoy a set of sharing dishes all inspired by the Provence, Nordic and Middle Eastern Regions. Try out a pot of delicious French Black Mussels, the House Cured Ocean Trout or the Warm Alaskan King infused with a concoction of different fragrances and curry oil, seaweed and herbs.

Conversely, you can close off your night by eating Marketplace’s very won airy and fluffy Pacific Waffle. This crisp waffle is enhanced by the delight of assorted berries and tart along with creamy peanut butter and other toppings.

Pacific Marketplace is opened from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm every day, though sharing dishes aren’t available from 6 pm to 11 pm. Each one of the courses come with its set of prices, with Asian Delights dishes and sharing meals starting at SGD12, salads at SGD15, and sandwiches for SGD16.

Lastly, you can find Pacific Marketplace at its venue alongside Atrium, on the ground level of Pan Pacific Singapore, 7 Raffles Boulevard. Be sure to check out this globe-trotting experience!



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