Sleep is one of the most important things in the world for us. We spend about a third of our lives under the covers, so it’s best that we make sure that we’re sleeping in the healthiest positions for our body.

However, most of us don’t know the different sleeping positions we could be sleeping in and which ones are the healthiest for us. The good news for you is that we’re going to go through the top sleeping postures for a healthy body in the article below! So make sure you get some high quality pillows to help you fall asleep and get to snoozing.

1. The Freefall

So, the first position is one for all of those belly sleepers out there – those of you who sleep lying face down on your bed. “The Freefall” is a position where you’re lying with your belly down on the bed, face to one side, and arms raised above your head on your pillow.

With this position, you’re going to have a lot of good things going on for your digestion. Any sleep postures where you’re laying down with your belly on the bed is going to be good for those digestive processes.

2. The Fetus


This next one is the most common sleeping position out there, but can be pretty unhealthy if not done right. “The Fetus” is exactly what it sounds like! It’s when you sleep curled up on your side, like a fetus in the womb.

However, when you sleep in the fetus position on your left side, you are causing stress on your vital organs. This includes your heart, liver and lungs. And that’s no good for your overall bodily health! Be sure to sleep in the fetus position on your right side to ensure that you’re not stressing those organs.

3. The Log

“The Log” is a position in which you’re sleeping on your side with your arms and legs straight down, forming a log. Pretty easy names to remember, right? For those of you who suffer from back pain, this posture is going to best for you because it will keep your spine straight, instead of twisting and turning throughout the night.

4. The Yearner


Right, so the next posture we have is one that’s also pretty common. This is called “The Yearner” and is called so because you’re lying on your side with your arms reaching out in front of you – sort of like you’re “yearning” for something.

When you sleep on your side, some studies have shown that this can help with any acid reflux or sleep apnea problems you may be having. Of course, if you’re having these problems night after night already, you should probably see a specialist to get everything checked out. But generally, when you sleep on your side in a position like this, you’re going to be helping potentially improving these conditions.

5. The Soldier

Next up, we have one of the healthiest postures out there for sleeping – “The Soldier”. This includes you sleeping on your back with your hands relaxed down by your side. Although some research suggests that sleeping on your back may result in some difficulty sleeping and potentially snoring, sleeping on your back has been shown to be very healthy when it comes to your digestion and overall physical health. Try it out and see if it’s for you!

If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, it could be thanks to your sleeping posture. How we sleep is just as important as how much sleep we get at night, so make sure you’re properly educated on the best and most healthy postures to sleep in.



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