In all the great cities of the world, the streets become a runway where extravagant jackets, maxi dresses, cropped tops and daring leather bags dance in the dazzling sun, on the vibrant rhythm that the people have. Sources of inspiration are everywhere and playful, edgy and colorful clothes are worn today more than ever. The street style is setting the trends and not only inspired by the celebrities, but also by funky and creative people who bring an absolutely new vibe to the urban scene.

Deconstructed jeans and blouses are a must-have and we seem to be more in love with asymmetry than ever. Turtlenecks are also practical in the colder season and the flared extravagant and colourful pants with a retro touch are in trend. Booties, skinny jeans and t-shirts are so fun and easy to wear on a daily basis. Don’t forget to add a loose asymmetrical coat or jacket and the daring and large leather totes. Sweatshirts are also a great item to have and wear in the colder urban mornings with a pair of over-sized sunglasses.

One of the key ingredients in today’s fashion is definitely the denim, such a classy piece that never goes out of style. Even if it is a pair of funky cropped jeans, a denim hooded dress or a denim jacket or a long denim coat, an outfit based purely on denim will always win hearts.

When theater meets street, a fresh and daring concept is born. A new urban fashion brand wins the market with unique designs customised for women who want to break free, for young professionals who want to jazz up their wardrobe. From maxi dresses to the flared pants, denim outfits, crazy jumpsuits, adorable hoodies and extravagant leather bags, TEYXO blends comfort with elegance, retro with modern in a new urban fashion twist.



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