This new and unique website helps you understand the value of your fine diamond jewelry. A fourth generation jeweler developed SellMy.Jewelry in the United States to help people around the whole know the resale value of fine jewelry instantly and completely online. Millions of people every year are selling their unwanted jewelry; SellMy.Jewelry can help.

So many consumers will buy jewelry thinking of their pieces as investments that will at least hold value. The truth is that jewelry is NOT an investment but, rather, a fashion accessory. The good news is that your fine diamond jewelry is still worth something. SellMy.Jewelry helps you understand that by giving you estimates for which you can sell your jewelry to an honest dealer with generations of experience.

Selling unwanted jewelry can be a daunting process. Often, you are often at the mercy of a local broker and unsure what the cash value is. If you know the basic information about your fine jewelry, you can get easily get an estimate for that cash value without leaving your computer making it less likely you will get ripped off. SellMy.Jewelry shows you that the gold and diamonds you own have some value and what that value is. Selling that unwanted jewelry can give you some extra cash. The estimates are updated daily, so you can be assured of their accuracy.

Beyond helping you sell your jewelry, this website can also make you a better jewelry consumer. Certain jewelry and diamonds are worth MORE despite being priced the exact same. SellMy.Jewelry allows you to know the resale value before you buy; it helps ensure you are getting a good deal. You can clearly see that buying a GIA certified round diamond will mean a better value for you. Fancy-shape diamonds like marquise and princess cut will not retain as much value for you. Similarly, certain diamond rings like halos will NOT retain as much value compared to a simple solitaire.

Please visit SellMy.Jewelry for online jewelry appraisals.


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