Picture this: You’ve just bought a new vehicle. It’s a brand-spanking new car that, for once, isn’t second-hand. The paint is glistening in the sun, the seats smell of fresh upholstery and the steering wheel feels tight and responsive. You take it for a spin around the block and pick up breakfast on the way. You come back home feeling refreshed and exhilarated, ready to start the day.

Your new car upgrade wasn’t cheap, but it was worth every penny. As you finish work and head into the office car park, you’re greeted by some friends who marvel at your new set of wheels. You chat for a couple of minutes, humbly showing off all the modern computer systems and even offer to give them a lift home—an excuse just so you can drive more. As your friends enter your vehicle, your phone rings and you’re suddenly reminded of what you were supposed to do: pick up the kids. You apologise to your friends as they exit your new car, but they understand how it is.

As you stop off at the school, your kids greet you with a tight hug. As you release from their embrace, you notice that their clothes and shoes are caked in mud and paint. Oh no. Before you can even stop them, they’ve grabbed onto the car, smearing dried paint all over your vehicle. The back seats are suddenly painted with mud and dirt, and the floor of your car becomes host to bugs and grass. You sulk as you enter the driver’s seat, holding in your tears as you drive home with a dirtied vehicle.

If you want to avoid this happening to you, then here are five easy steps to ensure that your brand new car is family-proof.

1. Floor liners

Getting a set of floor liners is probably the most sensible thing you could do for your vehicle. The floor of your car is easy to get dirty, and your boots and shoes (and those of your family) easily pick up dirt, grime and mud.

2. Seat covers

Some easy-to-remove seat covers make a great addition to your vehicle. They’re easy to clean, guard your seats against mud, and you won’t have to shout at your children when they kick the seats in front of them with muddy shoes.

3. In-seat entertainment

If you’re going to keep your vehicle for a long time, then you might as well get some entertainment for the kids to keep them in check. Screens and tables can be installed into the back of the headrests for your car. They’ll keep your kids and family members occupied so that they don’t throw a tantrum or get bored and start playing with your car.

4. Cup holders

Whether you get them installed into the middle compartment of the back seats or fit in a fancy device somewhere, you’d be wise to install some kind of cup holder so that they kids don’t spill their drinks everywhere. Better yet, ban all food and drinks inside of your new car!

5. Portable vacuum cleaner

As much as you try to avoid mess and spills, there are times when emergency strikes and you need a way to clean it up. Store a portable vacuum cleaner in the back of your vehicle and bring it out whenever someone drops crumbs or dried mud on your car. The faster you clean it up, the less likely it will leave long-lasting smells and stains.



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