With every business talking about the latest method in digital security or making sure that the right tech or cloud-based operating system is set up, it is surprising to see so many businesses lack in the most basic of items. Go to your store cupboard, have you got enough of everything? I doubt it. And yes, it may be somewhat trite to give a lesson in keeping your stock cupboard replenished. But with so many small businesses looking at the bigger picture, if the basics aren’t even there, how are things meant to get done? And how can businesses even operate safely? In case something has escaped your memory, get these in place and let’s never speak of this again.

The Basic Items

Literally the basics: paper, pens, pencils, glue, files, envelopes? Have the basics in supply! It’s annoying when you can’t find a pen, isn’t it? While people take them for granted, they have to be in steady supply!

First Aid Supplies


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Do you know where your first aid box is? Do you even have one? Accidents in the workplace are incredibly common. Your standard kit will be complete with everything to manage small to medium sized injuries, and will contain things like painkillers, scissors, tweezers, sterile gloves and cleansing wipes to name but a few.

Fire Alarm

Although this is a standard safety practice, if you are moving into a brand new building you need to check that they are fitted and are working. There are two different types of fire alarm. Ionization alarms detect flaming fires before the smoke becomes too thick, and an optical alarm can detect fires that are more slow-burning. These are less likely to go off by accident.

Fire Extinguisher


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Having this and a fire blanket is essential in an environment with so many computers being operated in close proximity. The likelihood of computer fires is very high in a small office, so have a water additive extinguisher at each fire point. And if you are in a new building or starting up a business, make sure that you undertake a fire safety assessment.

Communication Tools

There are many tools to make a business run efficiently, such as a VoIP phone where it connects to the internet rather than the phone line to maximise communication efficiency. And while tech is very important, means of payment is more important. Whether you are needing to to bank transfers or by check, having the means necessary set up is essential to keep your staff happy. https://www.checkomatic.com/business-checks/printed/ have accessories and tools to customise your checks.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm


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Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a tasteless, colourless and odourless gas that can be very harmful and cause potentially fatal effects.

Carbon monoxide is made by the incomplete burning of gas or fossil fuels. Depending on how your office is set up you may need to get an alarm. If your business has a boiler fitted, it is definitely worth having a Carbon Monoxide alarm fitted for safety and for peace of mind.


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