If you suffer from swollen knees or feet, especially whenever you travel? Or you often feel cold even though the weather isn’t very cold. This is probably because blood pools to your feet, causing a lot more pressure or you’re experiencing chronic inflammation. How then can you alleviate this without walking around looking like a polar bear?

Get active

Doctors recommend getting up and simply walking up and down the aisle of the airplane to get the blood moving every hour, thus preventing it from pooling at your feet which causes the swelling. Flex your ankles, knees and even calf muscles once in a while to also encourage blood flow. Avoid crossing your legs as this builds pressure and also shift your position in your chair often enough.


Wear compression socks

This is recommended for pregnant women or older folks who have higher risk of blood clots. This is because travelling in the plane may cause Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) but compression socks apply gentle pressure to the calves and ankles and this helps with blood flow.

We like Energia’s Therapeutic Socks (SGD 99)because it contains a mineral that emits infrared rays and negative ions, which helps to keep your feet warm while also promoting a healthy blood flow. Not only can you use it on the plane, this works great also if you’re travelling during winter as it will help to keep your feet warm. Check out the testimonial from a user who attests to the effectiveness of these socks in the video below:

Get enough sleep

Sometimes, when our body does not get enough rest, it does not have sufficient time to repair and detoxify. As such, this does not help with swollen joints and feet as your body is trying to do its daily functions at a less than 100% condition. However, how does one get enough sleep especially during travel? We know how uncomfortable those aeroplane seats can be.


To get optimal shut eye on the plane, put on those eye masks and get a comfy neck pillow. The eye mask will block out light from your neighbour who is either reading or watching a movie, and these from Energia (SGD 148) not only blocks the light but once again, the infrared and negative ions will soothe and relieve tired eyes, encouraging you to go into ‘sleep mode’ faster.


When sleeping in the plane, it is important to get a neck pillow (Energia, SGD 288) as it will support your neck and prevent that crick when you wake up a few hours later. Having a stiff neck when you wake up is definitely no fun when you’re on holiday.

If you’re about to go off on that winter holiday, be prepared with Energia’s travel kit which contains the pillow, eye mask and socks, and then you can finally say goodbye to swollen or cold limbs!


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