Regardless whether you are flying over to Toronto, Canada to have a meal in the revolving restaurant at the famous CN Tower, or simply paying a visit to a relative or a family member, renting a car to head over to your destination is always a good means of transportation while visiting Toronto. Avoid the hefty airport taxi charges and concierge services and explore the place with the readily available car rental Toronto services.


Here are a couple of ways you can check whether a car rental service provided at the Toronto airport is reliable:

1. Do they have a user-friendly booking system?

Are you able to easily rent a car using their booking system? Is it accessible online? Do you have to go through a tedious process in order to reserve a car for rental?

2. Are they registered with the airport?

Sometimes it’s not just solely about the car rental. Toronto Airport has regulations in place to regulate the car rental services provided to those who just arrived for quality control. Make sure your car rental company provides you with the correct procedures and papers to smoothen the whole transaction.

3. Do they provide additional valued services?

Even though we usually are pretty cautious when it comes to driving, it does not hurt to have an insurance coverage for that “just-in-case” situation. When deciding on a car rental company, do also look through their available insurance packages and additional frills such as GPS devices etc.

4. Multiple drop off and collection points

It would be great if the chosen car rental company has multiple points throughout the country for you to easily drop off the rented cars, or even customise your collection points, such as your designated hotel instead directly at the airport itself. One such company that provides this service is Iverstas Rental Inc. They have a network of drop off points within Toronto and nearby cities, plus a really cool collection point customisation service!


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