When you are presenting yourself on social media, you want to look your best self! Here are some great tips to follow when practicing your poses, refining your selfie smile, and getting that perfect profile picture. It’s easier than you think when you follow a few simple steps.

Practicing Poses For Your Profile Picture

Some poses and angles are just simply more flattering than others in pictures. Part of getting the best pose in a picture is getting to know what your “good side” is. Everybody has a side that they like more! Finding your good side is less about what other people think about you, as they probably can’t even tell the difference. It’s more about being able to be your most confident self and feel your best in every picture! Try testing out a few different sides and angles before taking the next steps.

Then, follow these guidelines if you want to try to get the perfectly posed picture:

1.   If you don’t have anybody to take your picture, consider using an app that allows you to set up your phone on a timer.

Getting some space between you and the phone is the best way to get a selfie that doesn’t necessarily look like a selfie. An app such as TimerCam is a good tool to use when you’re trying to get a picture of your whole or partial body. Use this technique to show off a cute new outfit that you love!

2.   Pose sideways.

Posing with your body straight on to the camera will make you look wider than you are and isn’t as flattering as an angled pose. Angling your body slightly to the left or right and maybe even putting a hand on your hip will make for a more streamlined and slimming pose. If you have curves or are into fitness and want to show your body off then this is the best pose to do as well!

3. Take the picture from higher than your eye level.

By angling the camera downward, you will get a more slimming and flattering picture! Never take your selfie from below your face looking upward. It isn’t flattering for your jawline and will give you a double chin that you don’t have.

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4. Be confident! Only choose a pose that feels natural.

Despite the fact that you are planning the picture, try to not look too posed! Pictures that look super posed can feel awkward or just cheesy to the viewer and won’t receive as good of a reaction.

5. Remember not to be too sexy or too much skin.

Everybody can see your social media accounts and pictures, and you don’t want a family member or boss to have the wrong impression. First impressions are extremely important, and for that reason it’s important to have a profile picture that depicts who you truly are. Keep it classy and pretty with some added personality!

6. Follow the “rule of thirds”.

This means that more aesthetically pleasing pictures are broken up into thirds. The subject of the picture (your face or body) should be within one of the thirds.

7. Pay attention to your lighting!

Good lighting can make or break your picture. Natural, bright lighting is best for the perfect selfie. Also, try to stay away from using your flash and being in shadowed areas. These will cause you to look shiny or cause discrepancies in your pictures. A clear and crisp picture will look best!

Perfecting The Selfie Smile

The best way to get more likes and wow with your pictures is to show off those pearly whites and smile! Smiles receive much more attention than pictures without them as they bring positive vibes to the person viewing them.

Here are some tips to get the best selfie smile possible:

1. Use your normal smile. Don’t try too hard!

Show your teeth and smile just how you normally will. The beauty of a smile is that everybody’s is different. The only thing worse than not smiling is a fake smile – so keep it natural!

2. Work those pearly whites!

Try to make your smile the focal point of the picture. You can do this by wearing brighter lipstick to offset the whiteness of your teeth.  Another way that you can do this is to make sure that your pose and cropping focus in on your face and smile.

3. If your teeth aren’t white enough, consider whitening your teeth at home!

White teeth signal great personal hygiene and a healthy body. Home whitening kits can be a much cheaper and easier alternative to professional whitening. If you have generally healthy teeth and gums but just need a boost of white for your selfie, this is the best option!

Follow these simple steps today and you’ll be well on your way to a perfect profile picture or selfie!


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