When someone you care about is diagnosed with cancer, you’ll naturally be going through a range of chaotic emotions. One of the most common and frustrating is a feeling of helplessness, stemming from the severity of the condition, and your position as an observer. While you may not be able to cure cancer by snapping your fingers, there are still many things you can do to make your loved one’s experience slightly more bearable.

Bring and Prepare Food


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Due to the nature of cancer, patients will often feel too tired, weak or generally ill to visit the shops, prepare meals, clean up the kitchen, not to mention feeding their kids or other family members. Having said that, having a balanced, nutritious diet is critical for successful treatment and recovery. If your friend or family member is okay with such an arrangement, offer to take care of their food needs for them. Have them draw up shopping lists, learn their preferences and restrictions, and then incorporate these food runs with your day-to-day schedule. It may be worth getting an ice chest which you can place by the patient’s front or back door, and drop food off there so that they won’t be disturbed.

Be Their Treatment Buddy


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Even though cancer treatment is more sophisticated than it’s ever been before, going in for sessions can be a daunting and gloomy experience for the patient. You can help with this by offering to accompany them to screenings, tests and doctor’s visits. Being a cancer patient often involves many hours of waiting, boredom, and uncertainty. When there’s no form of distraction in these periods, patients can naturally start to brood over their condition, and make their mental state even worse. By offering to drive them, making sure they have everything they need in the waiting room, and generally being someone to talk to, you can make a real difference to your loved one’s overall experience during this difficult time. It may not be the most pleasant experience to surround yourself with references to cancer, but you’ll be doing more than you can imagine for your loved one’s mental well being.

Be Their PA

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When you’ve got cancer, there’s no end to the information and details you have to amass and understand in order to make major decisions about your treatment. As you can imagine, this can be very overwhelming for someone who’s so physically and mentally drained. From determining which oncologists, hospitals and surgeons to go to for treatment to mesothelioma case consultation, such as with Madeksho Law Firm, there’s a massive amount of information that your patient is going to need to deal with to make sure they’re getting the best care possible. By acting as their PA when it comes to all the paperwork and legalese, you’ll give them more time to rest, recover their strength, and make their position so much more bearable. Even if you’re not that organised when it comes to paperwork, offer your assistance. Two heads are better than one!


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