The hips are a very crucial area of our bodies, it essentially makes up the center of the body itself. However, in this day and age our hips suffer a lot, whether it’d be from carrying too much weight or just from sitting down in front of the computer. Because of this, it is very important for you to take a moment to get up (or maybe not, as some of these can even be done while sitting down!) and show your hips some love.

With that in mind, we will now show you six different types of (easy) hip exercises that you can do at home, some of these you can even do at work:


1. The Bicycle

For this exercise you have to first lie flat on your back, after that you shall have to bend your knees and feet on the floor while pressing your back against the floor even more. Once you do this it’s a matter of simply putting your hands over your ears and lifting your left foot until your left knee is pointing to the ceiling, followed by extending your right leg slightly off the floor (this replicates the way you pedal on a bicycle).

Of course, for good measure you should also make sure to curl your torso upward as much as you can and touch your right elbow with your left knee. Keep in mind that, since you should alternate with the sides, this can change to having to lift your right knee and connect it to your left elbow.

An easier way to do this is to keep your shoulders and head down on the mat, so when the knee starts reaching you you’ll be able to curl up and touch your elbow to your knee easier.

This exercise favors your hips, but it’ll also help with your abdominals.

2. Balancing Squat

This exercise might be a little bit more complex to do, but probably not nearly as stressful as the bicycle, it just requires some more elasticity. For this one you should first stand straight while keeping your feet slightly apart, once you do you should go down into a squat all the way to the floor until both your arms can reach it.

As you do this, you have to start putting your weight onto one of your legs and slowly lift your body back up while grabbing onto the other leg, bending it until you’re able to pull it close to your body, by grabbing onto your foot. Rinse and repeat with the other leg until you feel like you’re done.

This exercise in turn focuses on your hips, glutes and abs.

3. Lunge To Courtesy

For this exercise you have to stand tall with your feet slightly apart (this is kind of a running theme for these exercises) and lean one of your legs all the way out and bend your knee while also bending your hips slightly towards that leg. As you do this you must keep your other leg completely straight so that you can then pull the extended leg out and put it around your other leg before bending down to do a courtesy.

Sounds easy, but during this exercise you have to make sure to really bend your lunge leg, this is to make sure that the added weight will allow you to smoothly transition into the courtesy.

This exercises targets mainly your legs, thighs and glutes but your hips will also have an added bonus, making it an exercise that covers a lot of bases.

4. Slow Marching In Place

This exercise is (thankfully!) a lot simpler to do, so much that you can even do it without having to put too much strain in your body. All you have to do is take up a standing position after which you start raising your knee as high as you can (while keeping your other leg straight of course), and slowly lower it back down. You then repeat this with the other leg.

Since this exercise puts a lot less strain on your body it doesn’t come down to how many repetitions you do, but how long you do it. To really allow this exercise to have effect on your legs and hips you have to do it for at least five minutes (though it’s suggested that you start off with one minute and increase the time as you go).

5. Internal Hip Rotator Stretch

This exercise is one that actually requires you to sit down – granted, you must be seated in a way that is both comfortable for your body and that also allows it to stay straight; so make sure not to put any cushions or anything that might cause you to lose your position.

Once you’re seated upright and press your back flat to the chair, you should put both of your legs together and raise one of them up, putting it above the thigh of the opposite leg. Once you do this, proceed to place your hand down on the bent leg until you can feel the pressure exerted on it (make sure not to accidentally move the leg from where it is) and take a deep breath.

Then, lean forward slowly as you exhale, making sure you keep your back straight and chest up as you do it. Hold this position for up to thirty seconds (though again you can play around with the times) before leaning back and switching around.

This exercise is, again, pretty simple to do, especially if you have a good place to sit down. It also does good work of stretching your hip and also training up your legs, both the one that has to be bent and the one that has to support the other. Also, keep in mind that you can also do this exercise while standing up or even laying down if you prefer.

6. External Hip Rotator Stretch

This stretch is a lot like the Internal Hip Rotator Stretch with one very key exception. Instead of leaning your body forward until you reach your bent leg, you have to try to lift up the bent leg to as close to your shoulder as possible, enough to feel pressure on it (though if you start to actually feel pain you should stop immediately).

If you’re doing this exercise while you’re standing up (as in the video) then it’s a combination of leaning your leg towards your shoulder and also lowering your body down to the leg (while making sure to keep your back straight as much as possible).


Trying to keep up with these exercises can be a little tough, after all, once you get home from work or school you might feel too tired to even want to bother with it. Once piece of advice is to try and do these exercises in intervals of each other when you’re in your room, if you have free time to kill then it’d be a good way to stretch your body out.

You can also do exercises like those in entry five or six while you’re sitting down on the computer watching videos or something like that.

Either way, we hope that these exercises can help you, and if it does then make sure to also teach your loved ones about it so that we can all be one step closer to healthier lives.


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