Ice cream is such a wonderful thing isn’t it? It’s sweet, it’s creamy and best of all, it can give you a brain freeze. If you’re a fan of ice cream or if you’re just someone that likes it but wants something with a little more flair, then you should definitely check out Mandarin Gallery’s new event.

While Mandarin Gallery has been holding multiple pop-up events, this is the first that uses what will probably tempt everyone going there – ice cream. Starting on October 28th and going all the way to October 30th, Mandarin Gallery will be holding a special event. It will set up a pop-up ice cream bar and serve up some sweet, icy treats courtesy of its very own FATCAT Ice Cream Bar.



Guests will be given the choice of enjoying their gourmet soft-serve ice cream in either a charcoal ice cream cone or a customisable cup. The event will also offer its own unique and exotic flavours that will be given out on different days of the event.

On Friday and Saturday, guests will have the chance to enjoy the Salted Egg Yolk flavour while on Sunday, they’ll be able to feast upon the Hay and Honey flavour.

As an added bonus, you will also get to add some extra crunch to your ice cream by picking from a variety of beautiful, tasty toppings offered by Frosted Flair. Toppings such as rainbow-colored meringues (especially delicious), edible flowers to add some more style, caramel popcorn, honey and finally a special charcoal white chocolate sauce (boy does that sound good) with only a sparkle of golden dust.

You can come and enjoy these summery treats starting this Friday and ending on Sunday. The ice cream bar will be set up in front of Mandarin Gallery and will start serving to its guests at 12 noon until closing hours.

Those that follow Mandarin Gallery on Instagram (@mandaringallery) will also be informed about the special Happy Hour that will happen each day.


During these happy hours, customers will be able to enjoy FATCAT’s very own best-selling treat, the Lime Mojito Sphere, a special and refreshing bubble filled with lime and rum cocktail, perfect for warm days and for those who are looking for something with a little more kick than just ice cream (I wouldn’t pass on that chance).

If you are interested in enjoying any of this summery delights then all you have to do is either follow Mandarin Gallery on their Instagram (as mentioned above) , or you can purchase something from the mall itself and ask for a special receipt that you can then exchange for one.

Of course, these desserts will only be around for a limited time so come get they while their hot! (They’re better when cold though).

Mandarin Gallery is a high retail space located just four blocks from Mandarin Orchard Singapore at 333A Orchard Road. Aside from its Instagram page you can also follow it at their Facebook page:

So with that, you should put on your best wear for the current sweltering weather and prepare for a world of cold and sweet flavours through enjoyment of these ice creams!


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