You probably know all about wheatgrass. It’s in the green juice they sell down at the gym and your boss drinks it by the gallon every time she’s on a health kick. I bet you have perused websites wondering whether you should get in on the act to, but because juicing your own wheatgrass looked like a major hassle, you gave it a miss. Well, here is an important newsflash for you: listen carefully because you can’t afford to ignore the benefits of wheatgrass!

I’m sure you are aware that wheatgrass is good for you. Yes, just like your mama told you when you were knee-high to a grasshopper, if it’s green, it’s healthy. Not that her wise words made you want to eat her boiled cabbage, but of course mama was right, as mamas usually are.

A Natural Deodorant

Wearing deodorant is a societal norm and body odor is much frowned upon. Hundreds of years ago, man’s natural odor was ignored, since most people rarely had a bath and spent their lives living in filth. Today, being smelly is frowned upon, so we routinely apply chemicals to our skin to neutralize odors.

Body odor is usually the result of toxins seeping out of the skin and bacteria multiplying in warm conditions. Wheatgrass is a natural deodorant and is very effective when applied to the underarm area. It kills skin bacteria, and when you drink it as a juice, you cleanse the body from the inside out.

It’s Non-Toxic!


If something is green, it means it contains chlorophyll, and in this instance, chlorophyll is most definitely good for us. Yes, you guessed it, wheatgrass contains high levels of plant chlorophyll. This cleanses the blood and helps to remove toxins from the blood. It’s the reason why some people say wheatgrass juice tastes a little ‘strange’, albeit in a good way since it is completely free from side effects.

Goodbye Grey Hair!

Do you manically pluck every grey hair out the moment it appears? Alternatively, do you dye your hair to hold back the onslaught of silver streaks. If so, you are not alone. Grey hair is not cool, not on a woman at least. The good news is that wheatgrass is very effective at preventing grey hair. Simply drink a shot of wheatgrass juice every day and watch those grey hairs fade away.

It Cures Toothache


Toothache is the worst pain ever. If you have a toothache right now, I bet you are in purgatory and you have my sympathy. If the pain is really bad, you probably should get your teeth looked at, but in the meantime, try swilling wheatgrass juice around your mouth. This will help to kill the bacteria, which are usually the root cause of toothache. If used as a mouthwash regularly, wheatgrass juice can also help to prevent tooth decay.

Wheatgrass is not a fad. It really is good for you, so include it in your diet today and reap the benefits.



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