iPads are incredible pieces of kit, there’s no doubt about that. But when you already own a smartphone as well as a main computer or laptop, you might find yourself asking ‘do I really need one?’ Well the resounding answer to that is yes! Regardless of your other technology, there’s most definitely a place in your life for an iPad. Here’s why.


Sure, you can carry your laptop or Macbook around with you. But taking an iPad instead will be so much lighter and also safer too. There’s no hinges or moving parts, so there’s less risk of it getting broken when you’re out and about. You don’t need a special protective bag for an iPad, pop it in a case, and it can be thrown in even the smallest of bags.

The Screen


Have you ever tried watching a movie on your phone? While possible, it’s hardly a practical solution. iPads offer a screen that’s comfortable to watch videos on, making it the preferred choice when you need an entertainment device on the go. Going back to portability here, taking an iPad on a plane or train is much more convenient than lugging a big Macbook with you-but easier to view things on than a phone. The screen also makes it better for things like playing games and reading books. This makes it a better choice than your smartphone when you’re using it for entertainment purposes.



Plug in an iPad keyboard into an iPad and you have yourself an incredibly lightweight computing device. While a little more basic than your main computer system, if you need to perform tasks on the go, type up information etc it does everything you need and so much more. With the massive number of apps you can now download from the app store, an iPad can be anything you need it to be. Whether you need a sat nav, a word processor or something to help you kill time when you’re bored- an iPad is exactly it. But on a bigger, easier to use scale than your phone. With all of the different accessories and extras you can get for them, pretty much every task you need it can perform. Browsing a site like iThingum will show you just how much accessories there actually are for the device.

As An Add-On To Your Smartphone

An iPad will perform just about everything that your phone will. However, by having both, you can use your phone for things like texting and calls. And your iPad (which has a much better display) as more of your ‘entertainment system’ or for additional tasks. This keeps your battery free for your more important tasks and leaves you to have fun on the iPad. With the sheer number of apps you can get, you’ll never be bored with one of these in your bag. Plus since apple devices sync up so perfectly, it’s easy to transfer information between whatever you have making your life much easier.

Do you own an iPad? What do you mainly use it for?



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