Halloween is here, and with it comes the spook parties! You need to be ready, and that’s why we are bringing you five different make up ideas to match your costume for this season.

1. Harley Quinn

Since Suicide Squad came out, the world can’t get enough of Harley, and the best part is, it’s super easy to do! You’ll only need your daily makeup: really light foundation, eyeliner, lipstick and blue and red eye shadows to get the job done.


A simple recipe for disaster, you’ll be ready with this charming and fashionable makeup in no time. Remember to be explosive!

2. Jigsaw

Who hasn’t watched (and screamed) at least one of the Saw movies? Just like Jigsaw in the stories, this make up will never die.


Scary and still pretty. For this makeup you’ll need a lot of dark eye shadow, and you can use both red lipstick or red eye shadow for the rest.

3. La Catrina

Typical, folkloric, and loved.

While the Catrina make up is very popular, and is likely that some of your friends will wear it too, remember that this is really flexible, and you can play with the colours and shapes to give it your own spin.


The base is really simple, for covering your face, you can use light foundation and face powder or a lot of white eye shadow. Use black eye shadow for the contrast and the effect of hollow in your eyes. Great if you are able to get white face paint to give it that even white base.

Onwards, you can improvise the rest of it. When we talk about Catrina, it’s all about flowers, stars, soft and pretty colours, but they are never the same, so you can try different styles. With this make up, you don’t need to be an artist to be pretty.

4. Zombies!

Now that the Walking Dead got us with season 7, we have a lot of catching up to do! And this Zombie makeup is just perfect to create the atmosphere.


You’ll need a lot of green eye shadow for this makeup, dead skin is not easy to paint! Throw some purple eye shadow for the contrast, and if you have fake blood that’ll make the perfect makeup.

Put it in a cool costume, practice your rawring and boom! You can create your own alternate ending for Season 7.

5. Cute Deer


Halloween is about surprises too, and you’ll be sure to take everyone off guard with this cute, pretty, and easy to do makeup.


You’ll principally need really light and really dark foundation to make the contrast, a lot of eyeliner, and white or cream eye shadow. Don’t forget those really long fake eyelashes to give yourself that doe-eyed look.

With just this setup you can look lovely for your Halloween night. Bring a plushie for extra points!

Playing with make up can always be fun, and its a great chance to show off your creativity and gain some new friends. And remember, make up has no gender (at least one couple has to do the Harley/Joker crossdressing act, right?).

We wish you a good scare!


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