So, you’ve decided that you want to be your own boss. There are plenty of benefits to it. You get to decide your own working hours, your own pace. You’re free to work the way you want to. But it’s not all sunshine and roses, of course. Besides the risks to health and work-life balance, you also need to worry about making yourself reliable as a business. A lot of that is going to come down to the tech you use. That’s what we’ll look at now.

Equipment will break down


It’s just the way things go. At some point, when you need them to be as reliable as possible, your equipment is going to stop working on you. The impact of that shouldn’t have to be spelled out. That can stop you from entirely doing business. That’s why you need to have help at hand. You’re going to need a place for Apple repairs in your contact book, as well as some back up equipment. Always keep a spare laptop handy so you can get at least some work done.

You can’t afford to shut down

It’s not just your equipment that can fail you, unfortunately. You need to make sure that your utilities are just as reliable. Power cuts aren’t all that common, but a backup generator can make sure you’re never too severely hit by them. What’s more common, however, is losing your internet connection. That’s why, you need to think about increasing your investment when you go into business. You can’t excuse yourself just because your internet has gone down. If you’re not able to relocate to somewhere with internet, you need to diversify your providers. For example, using wireless dongles when your router isn’t operational.

You need to prepare for things getting lost


Both points above have the potential to lead to the same disastrous outcome. If your equipment breaks down or your power goes out, your data is at risk. For a lot of businesses, their data and digital documents are what keep them going and make them all the better. You can’t lose them. That’s why you need to prepare backups. You should have two standby copies at all times. One that you update onto an independent hard drive every day and the other stored on a server through Cloud storage.

You need to keep organised

There’s another way that your important details and documents can get lost, too. Simply put, you misplaced them. Keeping yourself organised is as important for your tech as it is for the office itself. You need to start using proper filing systems to store documents that are important to your work. You need to build a database of contacts, what prior contact you’ve had with them and why you need to keep their details. You need to keep organised or else you’ll be working inefficiently and losing time because of it.

We hope that this article helps. Remember, if you’re working on tech, you need to be prepared for the troubles that come with it.


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