Your outfit is one of the first things people will notice about you. They give a lot away about our current situation and mood as well., more than we may even realize. So it is super important to really nail your look. Especially in some situations that are key to your relationship. Otherwise, things may not work out the way you had hoped.


If you have a hot date planned, you could spend hours deliberating over your wardrobe. What you wear will depend on what you’ll be doing during the date. Having a meal out at a posh restaurant? Pick one of your nicest dresses and pair your choice with some killer heels. But be careful – if the plan is to go out dancing afterwards, you may not want quite so high heels! If you are going for a day date, then you should be safe keeping things casual. You may even need to wear some old clothes if you are going for an adventurous date like go karting or hiking! This is one occasion when it is perfectly fine to wear just jeans and a t-shirt! If you think that is a bit too casual, you can always smarten things with a tailored blazer.

It is especially key to get your clothes right for a first date. This is probably the first time a guy will have taken any proper notice of you. It is important to leave a very good first impression. If you know the guy fairly well already, you should be able to guess what kind of outfit he’d be impressed with. If he’s laid back then he might be expecting you to also turn up looking pretty chilled. Whereas a guy who works in a high-powered job in the city could expect you to scrub up a bit better! Still not too sure what to wear on an all-important date? Ask your best friends for wardrobe advice!


Your wedding will be one of the most important and happiest days of your life and the biggest part of it is the dress. Many women spend months flicking through bridal magazines and dreaming of their ideal style. So you can see just how important this outfit is! If you are planning on having a modern wedding, then take a look at the year’s top wedding dress trends for inspiration: here. It isn’t just your dress that is important for your wedding. You should also take a while to consider your bridesmaids’ dresses. They will stand next to you in most of the wedding photos. If you dress them correctly, they can make all the difference. Most women match some aspects of their outfit with their bridesmaids. One popular example is floral chains in the bride and bridesmaids hair. Your bridesmaids will also need flowers. They should each carry a bouquet. Not as big as the one you will be carrying, but of a similar style.

New Year’s Eve

One of the biggest party nights of the year, New Year’s Eve gives you a great excuse to get dolled up. It’s all about enticing your partner to kiss you at midnight! Again, it will depend on exactly what your plans are as to what you will be wearing. If you are planning to hit a fancy cocktail party, then you should think about wearing a little black dress. With some cute heels to grab everyone’s attention! You should also think about dressing to impress even if you just have a meal at a restaurant planned. Most restaurants and bars have a smart dress code for New Year’s Eve and like to see their customers looking sharp. If you are just having a group of friends over to yours for the evening, it’s totally fine to dress a little more casual. But it’s always fun to ask everyone to dress a little smarter if you’d prefer. New Year’s Eve only comes around once a year, after all!


The christenings of your children are very important occasions in their lives just as much as you and your partner. They will, of course, be wearing a very cute christening gown. But what about you? As the christening will be taking place in a church, you will be expected to dress smartly. Light and floral dresses will work very well, especially if it is summer. If the christening is taking place in winter, you could still wear a floral dress. Just slip on some tights! If you decide to wear trousers, keep them smart and loose-fitting, so they don’t come across as too formal. Get your partner to wear a nice smart suit. There’ll be lots of photos taken throughout the day. You’ll want to look back at them in years to come and, hopefully, not be too embarrassed about what you were both wearing!

Getting Him Back

You should also put some careful thought into your outfit if you are meeting up with your ex after a breakup. Your outfit could make or break a reconciliation! Don’t try to go over the top and dress for them. And don’t make it too sexy, as you could come across as pretty desperate. Play it cool and keep it relaxed. However, if you haven’t seen your ex for a long time, you may need to do the total opposite and meet up looking like a totally awesome power woman! You will need to show your former boyfriend that you’ve been fine without him. Men are often attracted to confident women, so if you turn up looking like you mean business, he’ll be left drooling! But winning back your ex isn’t just about your clothes, though. For more tips on this specific situation, take a look at online advice websites such as

You’ll be surprised how confident you will feel if you dress correctly for an occasion and it can really give your relationship a boost as well!


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