Ever been on a date with a little boy? No, I’m not talking to you, cougars…

I’m talking about going on a date with a guy who can barely raise his voice to order food. A guy who is scared to make eye contact (or overcompensates by awkwardly trying to act macho). A guy who can’t make a decision.

You know the guy – let’s call him Timmy.

Little Timmy lost or never needed a backbone so he bends to the slightest social pressure. When the excrement hits the fan, Timmy freezes, runs, or can’t even process it. He’s uncool under fire.

Now imagine Netflix and chilling with our wet noodle, Timmy. After an hour of silence, he tentatively puts his cold hand on your thigh and says, “You know, I really like you, I mean, I haven’t met anyone as neat as you…” You turn your head. His bug eyes are looking up at you terrified. Then, he puckers up his dry lips and jerkily leans in for a kiss…

If you’re a feminine woman, that scenario repulses you.

If I were coaching Timmy, I’d tell him he needs to systematically man up. That means putting himself in stressful, hard, demanding situations over and over to burn the pink fat from his core, masculine self. We can talk about the components of a strong masculine nature another time.

Now here’s the question for you: do you need to woman up?

Timmy repulses feminine ladies, right? The inverse is also true: if you as a woman don’t exude femininity, you are repulsing strong, masculine men.

So do you need to woman up? Ask your girlfriends – they know you best!

If you don’t get a resounding, “No! You’re the cutest little sex kitten ever!” you need to be doing these three things:

  1. Girl Time. Get together with your girls to sing, laugh, and dance. Femininity is flowing, organic, impulsive… the exact opposite of what’s going to get you a raise at work. You can learn to switch from goal-oriented to experience-oriented by shaking your ass, or laughing it off!
  2. Meditate or do Yoga. Being in the moment and not over-processing is one of the core values you can bring to a man. Think pixie, not prude. Cultivate that wild femininity by learning to sit still, relax your body, and connect with your feelings.
  3. Dress Sexier. Be a little risqué. Show a bit too much skin for the office. Tease the world with your feminine energy. And always keep your back straight and your chin up – never feel ashamed to be a full, sexual woman.

Now ask your girlfriends – do you need to woman up?



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