Businesses of any industry are tough to run, and beauty is no exception. Because you’ll be dealing with people and their looks, your treatment has to be top of the line, and perfect. One complaint could ruin you!

That means if a customer is unhappy, your business will be unhappy too. In order to streamline your operation and identify areas to improve, take a look at our list of five key beauty business tips.

Diversify your treatment options

It’s impossible to please everyone, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, right? Modern beauty possesses a wide range of options, from haircare to skincare to nail care. If your beauty business exclusively dabbles in haircare, why not add more options like tanning beds or pedicures?

By adding more options, you will gain more custom. If a customer can perform all their beauty treatments from one shop – yours – why would they ever leave?

Focus on keeping up with tech

Your ability to administer only the finest beauty treatments and therapies will be aided by keeping up with the latest tech. The beauty industry has come a long way in the last ten years, and the future looks just as bright.

Processes like laser therapy are becoming more popular, and it’s easy to find many a hydra-facial machine for sale these days. This doesn’t mean you should neglect the basics, like manicures, pedicures, and waxing. Rather, as we outlined in point one, you should expand and add options in line with the latest beauty developments?

Why? Because beauty is a social trend. Everyone wants to look good, and everyone wants to be seen looking good. Men and women alike are suckers for the latest process or treatment that can make them look a million dollars. By keeping up, you stay relevant to the modern customer.

Offer returning customers discounts

If you get chatty and friendly with a particular client, you keep them coming back for more. And this will be the key to your success. Repeat custom and strong word of mouth. You can increase this by offering your returning customers lower prices, or even free treatment every so often.

You can build up this rapport by talking to your clients when they’re in the chair, and engaging with them while working. No-one likes to be having their haircut to the tune of an awkward silence, so keep things as lively and fun as possible.

Frequently check out the competition

The thing about beauty is when people find a shop they like, very rarely will they try another one. That’s because if we’re happy with the way we look, and we feel comfortable, why would we risk that? As such, it’s hard to poach customers from your rivals – but you can still learn from them.

I’d start by looking at their prices, and what services they provide. See if they do something you can’t. You could be losing clients through simply not offering enough.

Price your services cleverly

And lastly, one quick tidbit. Pricing a dry cut at $9.50, for example, makes people more likely to round that up to $10.00. You can make a little bit of money off people simply refusing change! Especially if you’ve just made them feel, and therefore look, good.

Disclaimer: this post has been contributed on behalf of sauceink


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