When you head over to corporate events, the door gifts usually consist of some notepads, pens, and perhaps a company letter written by the director. Below are some ideas you could perhaps share with your human resource department, and spice the events up a little with these exclusive corporate gifts Malaysia style!

1. Laptop Bags

In today’s work environment, almost everyone is required to work on a computer and more people are bringing their laptops around to enjoy the convenience of being able to work on the go. And since these electronic workhorses are a little on the fragile side, why not receive a specially padded bag, at the company’s expense?

2. Power banks


If you have a smartphone, you probably have encountered the situation where you ran out of battery and there goes your entertainment device for the rest of the journey back home from work. It’s always handy to carry around an extra power pack to avoid a situation where you are suddenly both uncontactable and bored.

3. USB Flash Drives



Yes, thumb drives are still around and it’s getting even more useful to be carrying one everywhere you go. The convenience of having all your soft copies of documents, important pictures, videos, songs in a small little bar is definitely worth it.

4. Thermo Mugs


To help with surviving the daily battles in the office, a hot cup of coffee or tea will bring some short-term relief. The problem with the normal cups is that most offices churned up their AC to a coldness that turns your favourite hot beverage into something pretty undrinkable. Getting a thermo mug solves that problem, and also reduces the amount of time you have to get up to warm up your drink.

There you go, 4 great corporate gift ideas that you can recommend your event-planning colleagues to take note next time. Now it’s time to head over to their desks and strike up a friendly conversation, good luck!

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