Braids are fun, simple and versatile hairstyles that can be worn anytime and anywhere without any hassle. There are many quick and simple braids that you can try and complete them with your favorite outfits. If you are wondering how to style those braids, check out these 5 easy braided hairstyles that you can rock in 2016.

Messy Side Braid

Messy Side Braided

This casual, messy side braided hairstyle is absolutely chic and you can wear this braid with any casual outfit. Perfect for hanging out with friends, running errands or that lunch date with someone special.

Boho Braid

Boho Braided

Grab a few strands of hair and plait a few small braids to accomplish this bohemian look and feel. This is by far, the easiest braided hairstyle and can be worn any day and anywhere. We recommend completing the look by wearing a floral maxi-dress to create that boho chic.

Milkmaid Braid

milkmaid braid

This demure look is something that you can take from office to the club. This braid is simpler than it looks, although this hairstyle is more suited to someone who has a fringe or bangs (for you Americans). What you will need to do is to divide your hair into two halves, do a simple braid on both sides and bring them over the opposite side from the bottom to the crown of your head and pin the ends and sides to secure.

Braided Ponytail

ponytail braid

Cute braided ponytail can be worn with anything for any occasion and is also perfect for those bad hair days. Before tying your hair into a ponytail, plait a small section of hair from your nape. Tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail and then wrap the braid around your ponytail, securing the ends at the bottom of your ponytail with a pin. This style works if you want to incorporate fake hair braids as well.

Braided Crown

braided crown

The half crown braid is easy to create as you are only braiding one section from the side. You can wear it with curly or straight hair and is perfect for a wedding or even a beach party.

Have you tried any of these braids? Tell us in the comments!

Images from Pinterest.


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