All couples disagree about anything and fight with each other. Yes, couples who fight each other will have a long lasting and healthy relationship but of course at a certain limit. Couples don’t have to scream with each other or resort to violence in frustration in order to solve a problem. They have to develop self control and solve all problems amicably. If you are wondering what to do when fighting, here are 8 ways you should do.

1. Don’t run away, face it

Don’t be afraid to discuss and exchange ideas with each other. It’s okay if there are a lot of disagreement during discussion. Talk about it and solve it amicably.

2. Don’t name call

Please avoid name-calling, eye rolling, insults or swearing at each other. Try to understand and show respect to each other as individuals.

3. Calm down and take a breath

They need to stay calm when the fight become heated and get out of hand. Do not let the anger laden relationship.

4. No interruption please

It is absolutely unpleasant to interrupt when one is giving their point of views. Listen, evaluate and give their perspective calmly to prevent an argument from escalating.

5. Don’t jump to conclusions

Couple shouldn’t fight for their own point of views or opinions tooth and claw. Don’t jump into conclusions and don’t judge. This is to avoid the conflict to become worse.

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