When I first heard about microneedling, I wasn’t so sure of trying it out. I mean, the mere thought of those small little needles pricking into my skin doesn’t give me any comfort. I researched a little more about the process and eventually came to the realization that, “Hey, this microneedling thing might work miracles on me.”

The brand that I came across with pretty good reviews on the internet was White Lotus Anti Aging. They claimed to be the pioneers of the process known as holistic microneedling, which just means a more natural and less invasive way of performing skin needling. Apparently this process can lead to increased absorption of whichever anti-aging products I use, and it also induces a fresh layer of collagen created on the treatment areas. It’s supposed to work best on scarred skin and potentially, cellulite.

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The magical tool that enables this treatment to be possible is called a derma roller (or microneedle rollers). It contains multiple mini needles that range from 0.5mm to 0.75mm, and according to research, collagen induction takes place when the needles go in about 0.6mm deep. The most amazing thing is that this process can potentially increase collagen levels up to 1000% of the usual amount, that’s insane.

The only catch to this new age treatment is that it is not advised to be utilised on a daily basis, which I can easily understand. After all, I wouldn’t like my skin to be pricked on a daily basis. That sounds a little off isn’t it? haha!


The great thing about this treatment is that it is now available for home usage, good for me as I don’t like going out that much these days. Some of their tips are like making sure the suppliers of the microneedles are certified by recognized organisations, roll about 15 times for optimal results, space out treatments to only once every two weeks, clean your derma rollers after each use, and never, ever share it with anyone else. The last point made me remember that this process involves putting a needle into my skin. But oh well, no pain, no gain!

Time to try this out!


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