She tells you everything on her mind.

This doesn’t mean the necessary stuff solely. If she tells you each boring detail concerning her life, as well as the garments she’s thinking of shopping for, the food she desires, etc. then she doesn’t see you as a romantic partner. Women wait it out before spilling everything on their minds to a man they like.

She talks concerning guys with you, and he or she isn’t doing it to form you jealous.

If she is discussing boy issues with you concerning her feels and her dilemmas with alternative guys you’ve undoubtedly been friendzoned. Either you tell her what you’re feeling or move on.

She never dresses up for you.

When you hang around women, they’re typically dressed up, with their hair done and their makeup done. If you’re heading to see this woman, and she has no makeup on in her pajamas, she clearly doesn’t care if you think that she’s attractive or not.

She calls you her brother.

If a woman sees you as her brother, she doesn’t see you as attractive. If she calls you her brother and you say nothing, she’ll understand that you don’t wish something a lot of either.

She never believes you after you compliment her.

Ladies never believe her friends after they compliment her. She thinks it’s simply them being nice. Women price compliments of hot guys, particularly those they like. If she brushes off your compliments like “that’s what you’re purported to say”, then you’re in the same pool as her girlfriends.

How about you? How do you friendzone a guy? Let us know by commenting below.



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