Whether you’re in South America, The Philippines, or in Singapore, pageants are big, and are anticipated by a lot of people, Breaking from the traditional stuffy pageantry, SgInstaBabes was created, and later on the conception of the first ever Cover Girl Search in Singapore.

Unlike most pageants that we have grown accustomed to, The Cover Girl Search runs on a monthly basis. Every first week of the month, the team blasts shout outs all over Singapore looking for potential contestants for the pageant. On the second week of the month, a rigorous selection process will then take place to make sure that only the best of the best partake in the competition. On the third week of the month, photo shoots on the selected contestants will then take place, and on the last week of the month, the winner will then be announced to the world.

Curious about SgInstaBabes and The Cover Girl Search? We were lucky to have the chance to sit down, and interview the founder of the growing pageant in Singapore, Lai Wee Kiat. Go to the next page to find out more about SgInstaBabes and The Cover Girl Search.



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