Perhaps you’ve heard of these people, or maybe you have dated one, or God forbid, you’re like that yourself. I’m talking about people who check their partner’s wallets, mobile phones, emails. Maybe they call you every day to ask where you are, what you’re doing, who you’re with. What’s up with that? I’ll tell you the two signs that most likely to do that: Scorpio and Taurus

Most of probably aren’t surprised to hear Scorpio is possessive; after all they’re famous for being the paranoid, suspicious, intense ones (poor Scorpio, they get a real raw deal on reputation) Taurus though, tends to think of their partners as their possessions, and can be somewhat particular about other people using and interacting with their property, and their significant other.

But HOLD IT, surely there are other signs guilty of this too. Surely there’s a Possessive Pisces somewhere, or perhaps a Suspicious Sagittarius? Have a look below at what the astrology natal chart of a Suspicious Sagittarius might look like. While this person is a Sagittarius (the Sun sign is what we commonly know as our ‘sign’, but a person is made up of way more than just the Sun sign), she also has Moon, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio which actually makes her way more Scorpio than a Sagittarius.


In astrology, the Moon represents how we find emotional security, Mercury describes how we think and process information, and Venus represents our approach to romantic relationships. While a Sagittarius Sun person will still be adventurous and exciting and philosophical, having Moon, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio might mean this person also comes with a decidedly possessive streak when it comes to relationships (mind you, Scorpio is also extremely loyal and committed). You’ve seen these girls. They’re the bubbly rock-climbing chick who doesn’t like it when other girls talk to her boyfriend.



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