Sometimes the internet gets a little bit too much and we cross a line that really puts things in perspective.


Essena O’Neill, a 19-year-old Australian Instagram model made headlines this week with her proclamation on the social truth she came to realize almost overnight. “I’ve spent the majority of my teenage life being addicted to social media, social approval, social status, and my physical appearance,” O’Neill said. Now reports are coming in that O’Neill is decrying social media in an effort to amass more followers and is suspiciously asking for donations on her new website for a cause she cares about: social truth. The website features posts that empowers women and discusses online transparency with one purpose: to live an authentic life.


It seems the biggest trend as of late is to “live an authentic life”… a simple Google search of the phrase brings up at least 52 million results. Day by day more and more bloggers are coming forward and renouncing their status as “icons” that live by the book, the Kinfolk Magazine, that is, to be more human. “I wish to create a platform that acts to spread new age messages of conscious living, addiction to technology, conversations on transparency online, minimise the celebrity culture, promote veganism, plant based nutrition, environmental awareness, social issues, gender equality, controversial art,” O’Neill posted.


On the other side of the social media spectrum, social supermodel Gigi Hadid recently made an Instagram post addressed to her haters wherein she promoted body positivity. Hadid got the attention of many users with her post being shared multiple times.


Could this be the newest marketing trend? One thing is clear, things in social media are getting stranger and stranger by the minute.



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