For the longest time, Sephora had been the go-to beauty store of all beauty girls everywhere. Regardless of whether there’s a Sephora branch in the country, or not, beauty girls find a way to get their much needed beauty fix from the store. Now, a long time brand is finally stepping up, launching new strategies, and threatens to give Sephora a run for its money.

Bluemercury had been in the industry since 1999, but has remained extremely passive throughout its run, but not anymore. Now, Bluemercury is changing tactics and will be launching pretty heavy and aggressive strategies in order to claim the beauty queen title. Beck, the founder of Bluemercury says that eighteen new stores will be opening on this year alone, and twenty four more branches are slated to open next year. Other than that, Bluemercury will be opening outposts in four different Macy’s stores.

Other than selling beauty loots that will surely drive all the beauty gals crazy, Bluemercury will also offer spa services. They will also launch a new concept, “X-bar,” which will include only one product and will allow the customers to get a quick five minute treatment in-store.

While Sephora continues to dominate the colour cosmetics market, Bluemercury chooses to focus on skin care lines. While Bluemercury also offers colour cosmetic brands, their strength continues to be anti-aging skin care for ages twenty five to seventy.

While we love color cosmetics to the max, we believe that taking of one’s skin is more important than rocking blue eyeliner, or plum lips. So we’re definitely excited to see what Bluemercury has to offer.

How about you? Are you excited with the more aggressive business strategy that Blumercury is now enforcing?



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