The dance floors are ready to heat at Zouk Club as the hottest DJs of EDM provide you with the best tracks this September.

Kick things off on September 4 (Friday) with Matisse & Sadko with Lincey, Pan-Pot with Zushan, and ATTAGIRL! With A/K/A & Bay + B.

Step into the house as DJs GLOWINTHEDARK & Mixmag Allstars with Lincey, and Koflow feat. Ollie‘des & Shigga Shay on September 5 (Saturday).

On September 11 (Friday), let loose with Lincey & Jeremy Boon, Fred V & Graffix with Zushan, and Ghetto with Big M feat. MC Sonorus.

Step it up with Thomas Newson, Kill The Buzz, Joey  Dale, Julian Calor & Manse with Lincey, Jeremy Boon, and Has & Maurice Simon on September 12 (Saturday).

Chill out on your Sunday out on September 13 with the upcoming Zouk Flea & Easy.

The rave is never over when Carnage and Lincey set the speakers ablaze on September 18 (Friday) along with the Mambo Jambo and Singapore Grand Prix 2015 to follow up.

Listen to the beats of Zushan & Master Race, and Matthew & Jun feat. Nashd on September 19 (Saturday).

The night doesn’t end with TGIW with Ghetto & Andrew Tang feat. MC Sonorus, and DJ Andrew T & DJ Tang with Zushan on September 23 (Wednesday).

Let Sander Van Doorn with Hong, and Adana Twins with Jeremy Boon groove you into the music on September 25 (Friday).

On September 26 (Saturday), get ready for Danny Avila, DJ Bjones & Nick Martin with Hong, and Scuba with Zushan.

Freak on to the hits of Ghetto with Andrew Tang feat. MC Sonorus on September 30 (Wednesday).



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