What happens when the ex-love of your life shows up in your social media feed one fateful night? Normally, we’d be totally over them and shun away from their personal lives, but this is the technological world – stalking them is the only option. It’s not that you’re still hung up about them, but there are some things you just can’t stop wondering about when you finally click their profiles.

That the rumor of the IT guys from Facebook made some sort of application, that one can see who browses one’s profile for the millionth time, was actually true. And if so, you are haunted by the probability of being exposed as an avid profiler

That the least expected person in your group of online friends is actually a mutual of your ex and you are atrociously forced to imagine their romantic rendezvous together.

That all your ex’s vaguely written statuses from three years ago were definitely dedicated to you.

That all the people in your ex’s selfies are automatically considered to be romantically involved with said ex.

That the said selfie-bombers are required your profiling expertise.

That you compare your ex’s new batch of friends with loud indignation.

That the new outfits and hairdos of your ex are to be arbitrarily judged.

That your ex’s new choice of clothing is finally at par with yours and you hold a quiet celebratory squeal.

That the horrifyingly lame profile picture your ex took has likes that exceed yours and you think how much money they blew just for their ego.

That after this epic profiling investigation, you can say that, without a shred of doubt in mind, you are completely and utterly over your ex.



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